06 December 2009

Scenes from Savannah

We took a trolley tour for the first time in all the years we have gone to Savannah. I would highly recommend it as you can see a lot of things, and learn a lot of this beautiful city. Even though the morning was very chilly (the afternoon was nice though) we persuaded our driver to open the flaps on the trolley so we could take better pictures and see things clearer.
In Savannah there are 24 parks. Three of them were used for something else other than a park, but originally there were 24. Now from the river front to Forsyth Park is one mile, and you can easily walk it. Here are a few of the parks.

Some homes that were seen from the trolley tour

Now this is very interesting. This park is across from a church, and in this park is this small fountain for animals to get a drink from. Once a year in May all animals, dogs, cats, monkeys, goats, etc., etc., gather here to be blessed! Quite an interesting tradition.

I love how this park scene turned out with the red ribbon around the lamp posts. We just missed Savannah being fully decked out by a week. I'm sure it is beautiful.

One of the smaller houses. I forgot who had lived there, but I believe this place recently sold in the hundreds of thousands!

These bridges connect to the riverfront buildings.

Part of the river front scene. There are a ton of shops through here, and that bridge you see in the background will take you to Hilton Head Island and also Charleston, S.C. which is Savannah's sister city.

This statue was placed here where I believe a lighthouse once stood. This woman would stand here and wave to the passing ships, and she did it until the day she died.

Isn't the iron work fabulous in this picture?

On this house which is located on Bull Street and Gordan, all of the detail work around the windows and doors is made from cast iron. It has turned a lovely color.

I have a few more pictures from this lovely city to post, all of the architect details that abound here, wrought iron, fountains, etc.. Like I said it really is a beautiful city.


Anke said...

Ulrike these pictures are fabulous! I've always wanted to visit Savannah, maybe one day we'll actually make it there...

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

How very beautiful Ulrike... I love the Spanish Moss hanging from the trees, and especially the fountain where the little animals are blessed... Bisous... Julie Marie

BELDECOR by Bine said...

Dear Ulrike,
thank you so much for your comment....
Wonderful pictures you show from Savannah, unfortunatly it's soooo far away!
Have a great week
~ Bine ~

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

I enjoyed seeing more pictures of Savannah. I just read Bine's comment; it's indeed a pity that for us it is so far away!! It's a lovely city. I like all the old houses. They look so grand. Especially the one with the iron work looks very special. What kind of people lived in those houses? Where they planters?

Enjoy your day!

lieve groet, Madelief

Karla Kotelett said...

Hi Ulrike, realy beautiful houses you have seen - so diverent to ours in Germany!
Greatings from Karla Kotelett and my mum Sigrun from *Hillsidegarden*

Crafty Gardener said...

Hi Ulrike, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind thoughts about my blog. I see we have the same tastes in reading ... China Bayles books, Laura Child books as well as gardening and family.
You certainly captured some gorgeous homes and buildings in Savannah. It was lovely to have a virtual tour on an evening when we are getting a downfall of snow.

monika said...

I love to see new places and it is easy when you have friendly blogs that help you discover the world!
Please come to visit Sardinia or my father garden (both blogs are in English!) as many times as you like..regarding me...I just become an official follower of your blog!;)

Ruben said...

Savannah, what a beatiful place! The houses with the beautiful verandas remind me a little of Chicago where our youngest daughter has been living for maybe four years now.
Thank you for all your nice comments although you cannot understand my language. I have had google translator in/on? my blog, but the translations were not that good, so I took it away, but of course, better then nothing! Maybe you have a translation button in your Explorer 8 menu? I have! Now back to your very, very nice blog. Can´t sit here writing comments all day! ;-)

Barbara said...

Those trees in Syvannah remiond me of the trees in Louissiana and the iron balconies of New Orleans.

What a grand get together for your Grandmother.

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