14 December 2009

Have you been busy?

I know that I have been soooo busy with so many things. It seems like you get one thing done then another pops up! Plus I have been on the phone quite a bit too, a joke my hubby makes saying that I either need more arms (since they all seem to ring at once!) or shut them all off. Now that is something I could not do! After all, hubby is the one that told me a woman needs to get in so many words in a day!!!
This past weekend there was a family reunion on my grandfather's side. I don't normally go, but we missed another one earlier in the year. My daughter was able to go along so she got a chance to see how big our American side of the family is, and it gave us a chance to visit my grandmother (her great-grandmother - 92 years old).
Here is a picture of three generations. I still can't believe my grandmother is that old, but I can tell you that she was a real beauty when she was younger!!

We had more tables overflowing with food. I believe over a hundred people showed up! What's scary is that there were plenty that did not show up. We have a big family!

The aunts all got together and made some arrangements.

Everything looked really nice, and it was good to see everyone again! I'll show some pictures from the town soon. Now I need to go and take some aspirin. I started exercising again, and oh boy!, do I ever feel it!!!!


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Ulrike...what a wonderful family reunion... I love your photo of three generations... your grandmother is a real beauty today at 92 years young... I love to see happy times together... love to you... Bisous... Julie Marie

Strickfee-Pe said...

Dear Ulrike,
my english is so bad, because I will try to write to you. The picture from your 3 generations is very lovely. Your daugther looks like you.
Many greatings, Petra

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