22 June 2009

One of those days

Ok, I had good intentions today. The sky was overcast with the promise of rain, and the temperature was not as blazing hot at 7am as it has been. So off to the garden I go to weed! I should have known it was not going to be a good day for it. I get the little tiller out, pull the cord, nothing. A couple more times and the cord breaks. Great. So I get the hoe to start weeding around the veggies, and then decided to get the riding mower with the little cart. Flat tire. Great. So back to the garden I go to get the wheel barrow to take it over to the mulch pile, and what happens? The wheel comes off! Ok, by now I should be saying let's just wait till this evening and hubby can fix everything, but nooooo. I grab a couple of buckets to fill with mulch to place around the plants. The third trip I started shoveling mulch into the bucket while talking to my daughter on the cell phone, and I noticed things flying around me. Oh boy, I hit the jackpot, a yellow jackets nest! So, and how was your day?


guild-rez said...

Hi Ulrike..
thank you for your visit and comment.
Guten Morgen,
just got up reading my email ..and now I am getting ready for my walk along the lake. (Lake Ontario)

Mary said...

I so dislike gardening days like that!! Nothing goes right but as long as you weren't stung....guess the mechanical things can always be fixed later!

Guess where I'm headed now - yep, out into the mosquito filled garden, must get my OFF and long sleeves....such a pain in this heat!

Hope today is a good one for you.

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