18 June 2009

His n' Her in Bacharach

When we went on our Rhine River cruise one of the places that we stopped was Bacharach, Germany. I did a little research on it and this was what I found out. Bacharach was named for the ancient Roman god of wine, Bacchus,and from 1300 to 1600 it was a major wine center. Ships always loaded their goods in Bacharach since there were shallow waters upstream where they had to unload there and bring it down to Bacharach by land. The Rhine River banks once came right up to the town walls, but this later changed when they land filled it. It is a beautiful little town, and I only wish that we would have had more time to explore it.
Here are some pictures that hubby took.

Now here are some that I took.
This is the wine harvest wreath that they put up each September during the wine festival.

The house that you see in the background was built in 1368 and is the oldest house in the town hence the name Alte Haus. You can see the date next to one of the window boxes.

I just loved these fuchsias!

Wait until you see other pictures that he took that I'll show another time. Doing maintenance work he had to take pictures of pretty interesting stuff to show the guys!


stadtgarten said...

Thanks a lot for your visit and your comment on my blog.
I was surprised to find a post about Bacharach, which is very near to where I live, on your blog. It is such a lovely place, in my former job I used to go there with official guests often.
When have you been there?
I surely will come back to visit your blog, although during the summer months I try to sepnd more time in the garden than in front of the computer.
Have a nice weekend, Monika

Elizabethd said...

What a lovely place, it rather reminds me of Rouen, with the timbered houses.

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