14 June 2009

Gone Fishin'

I was reading Mary's blog, http://devondesigns-mary.blogspot.com/, and she mentioned doing something that your really love this weekend. (By the way check out her blog, she just came back from England and always has such beautiful pictures!)
So, I told hubby, let's go fishing! I have been wanting to go fishing since last year, but something always got in the way such as not enough time in the day. I love being home, but I do garden work, house work, more garden work, helping my parents and neighbors, you get the picture. I needed a break just doing nothing.
So here are some pictures of our trip up to the mountains. I'm sure you were getting tired of flowers and Germany pictures, although I have only just begun on those!!!

This is going up Hwy 441 towards Clayton, GA. It was a little hazy outside, but on a super clear day you can really see the mountains. Oh, I knew sunroofs were good for something!

This is on the road to Lake Burton.

Here is a view of a portion of Lake Burton and one of the areas that we fished. There is also a fish hatchery right next door along with a campground. We stopped by and spoke to a park ranger and asked where was a good place to fish. Of course he said you need your fishing license first. Proudly I said, I just stopped off at Wally World (Wal-Mart) in Clayton and picked one up (hubby has one already)! So he took a look at it, mentioned that it was good that I had gotten my trout license too, and then told us of all the good fishing places.
Well, we fished there until we ran out of our worms. I got 3 brim, hubby caught one, and I also caught quite a few trees.....did I mention I had to put mine back and he kept his? You can tell I haven't been fishing in a while!
So, off we go in search of the trout pond that we go to sometimes. Unfortunately, hard times have hit there too; as the house next door was foreclosed and the trout pond was deserted. That was really sad. An Australian man lived there and he showed me how to fly fish which was soooo much fun! He even cleaned my fish! Oh well. So off we go back to Clayton.

Going to that trout pond is on the way to Hiawassee, Georgia which is almost on the N.C./Tenn. line. On the way there I told hubby we would need to stop at this overlook on the way back to Clayton so I could take some pictures. This overlook is called Popcorn Overlook. What a funny name! I guess if you really, really look at it then it just might look like popcorn, hmmmm, I guess.
Are you still awake? Good! Tomorrow I'll show you the trout pond we found and the surrounding countryside! Oh, and the trout I caught!!!!


Mary said...

So happy to know you were able to take the road to such a pretty spot in the mountains....and catch trout!! Bet that was fun.

My weekend was nice, did that vintage shopping yesterday, even though it was stifling in the heat, and today I watered and fertilized every growing thing around the gardens. Also baked a French galette - apples and blackberries, and made a pear gateau..............now I need to get out and walk!!!!!

Here's to a great week ahead.

Expat Traveler said...

Congrats on trout catching, looks like a beautiful area and a lot like Washington State to me.

By the way, the new flowers are so beautiful!

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