12 June 2009

Bee Busy

One of the other things that we have been busy with are the bee boxes. We had started hubby's brother on honeybees, provided him with boxes and bees, but the wax moths got into his bee boxes and killed the bees. So he decided that he would return all the boxes. Hubby took the pressure washer to them and cleaned them out.

Do you see the white flowers on the bush to the left of the bee boxes? That is one of our gardenia bushes. We have two right there in front and they are blooming up a storm! Here is a close up of them.

If you like the smell of gardenias you would love these! Ahh, divine!!!


Expat Traveler said...

That's so sad about the bees, hope they will thrive with you! I love gardenia bushes too! One of my fav's :)

Elizabethd said...

Ulrike, you asked me the name of a rose on my blog....I've only just found your comment. The rose is Pierre de Ronsard, a French rose.

Gardenias..how absolutely lovely!

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