15 June 2009

Andy's Trout Pond

So, you take Betty's Creek Road outside of Dillard, GA., follow it about 7 miles and you will be back in North Carolina which is where Andy's Trout Pond is located. Beautiful countryside which I'll show tomorrow, but first here is the pond and me with one of "many" fish that I caught!

Here is the big pond with some monster trout in it. Of course they are smart enough not to fall for the worm trick!

Ok, let's pick you up.

Whoa! Come back here!

Got ya!

These are the other two little ponds where we caught the fish. You would think that it being so small they would plop right out, but nooooo. They really didn't start biting until it starting raining, but I wasn't leaving because of the rain! Bad hair day I don't care! I want some trout!

You knew I had to sneak a flower picture in from there!

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