27 February 2009

Birds, eggs, and cake

Spring is definitely in the air! The bluebirds are going around checking out the homes, I'm seeing more Robins, and all the other birds are going to town with the feeders I have put out for them. In a couple of months it will be time for the hummingbirds again! So not only are the birds playing house, but the bigger birds as well. They have really started laying again. Thank goodness! Nothing tastes better than as my hubby puts it "a real egg". So I made a pound cake which is now half gone although I wish I could make some of the delicious desserts that my cousin over in Germany had for us. Don't they look good?!

25 February 2009

Creative colors from nature

I don't know about you, but I am so happy to see all the spring colors coming up. It is that time of the year to start searching those spring catalogues, internet, and ebay for seeds. I'm cleaning out the greenhouse to get it ready; major project there!

23 February 2009

Striking details

I love details on things. When we were in Germany you would find all these details on their buildings. I had to take pictures of them. Here are a few for you to see from the Mannheim area.

Next time I'll show you ones from the Heidelberg castle. Those are from the 1600's!

21 February 2009

Honeybees & garden

The weather has warmed up just a bit here. Hubby and son-in-law worked in the garden again adding compost and leaves. We are bound and determine to try and have a good garden this year. It's a catching thing as both of our neighbors were working in their garden too! I think it's called spring fever! Even the honeybees were out gathering on all the spring flowers. The forsythia or yellow bells as some people call them are beginning to bloom too. We have two sets of chickens, the buffs and then the mismatch with the araucanas. Junior the rooster along with his hens were busy in the garden as the hubby was plowing the dirt under with all the added extras. I'll leave you with these pictures that I took today.
Ice in the fountain

Praying mantis cocoon

Sammy (my daughter's dog and my buddy) greeting me

Plowing the field

Junior & hen

Yellowbells blooming

Honeybees busy at work

19 February 2009


Clouds are so fascinating. You can have the clouds from a storm such as the ones we had yesterday which they say it's official now or so that is what the weatherman said on the radio this morning. The crazy season of warm weather meeting the cold strikes up the beginning of tornado season. From March through May, officially, however we know here in the south that it can happen all year long. The storms we had yesterday produced three tornadoes going through Georgia. Here are a couple of pictures from a similar storm last year.

And then you can have the beautiful shaped clouds such as these from the North Carolina coastline.

Do you have any favorite cloud pictures?

17 February 2009

Deer tracks

As I was sitting at my computer this morning I saw movement out the window. I grabbed my camera real quick to take some pictures. There were 4 of them, but they would not pose all at once! so you get to see two. I hope this will show up ok as these are newer ones. The ones that use to come around were used to my voice so I could get a lot closer.

16 February 2009

Are you ready

For Spring? I am. I took a short walk about this morning after I put some clothes on the line. Yes, I am one of those people. I mean, I have a dryer, but clothes especially sheets always smell so yummy fresh after being outside on the line. Anyway, I noticed all the spring bulbs popping out, and truth be told, I did get lazy with a little red wagon full of daffodils last year. My mom had given these to me and I just ran out of planting time sooooo....I just dumped them all around my little pond garden. Then I added a lot of leaves, plenty of that here, and lo and behold!!!! They are shooting up all over the place! So maybe later on we might have a picture of my dump em and leave em!

15 February 2009

Back from under the weather

Back from under the weather is putting it mildly! Just not too long ago hubby and I both had a case of the suds (Spongebob talk for him, sniffles/cold for me). Then last week, bam!, I got a case of knock em down, put em to bed, have box of tissues, water, lemons, vitamin c, thermometer ready. A flu bug snuck into my life. What misery! Hubby kept the supplies going along with cooking, but who could eat? Almost a whole week of it. Today I was finally able to do a few things along with cooking supper which the hubby said he missed my cooking. It was getting very close to his cooking hot dog supreme (don't ask!!!). Actually he is a pretty good cook, and every now and then he gets to be in the kitchen. Well, every morning he does bring me my cup of tea. Yet while I was sick I didn't even want that. With a fever going way over the 100 mark I'm glad to be getting back to normal; except my brain and fingers don't want to co-operate on the computer!!!!! Thank goodness for spell check!!!
So, I'll leave you now with a few pictures from a castle. I have to go and rest before someone fusses at me!!!


09 February 2009

Cars and more

Another busy day. My parents came over so my dad could drop off his truck with my mechanic. Do you know how hard it is to find a good mechanic? Let alone one who is honest?!!!!! Before I found him I had gone through 3 mechanics!!! The bad thing is with cars these days you just can't fix them yourself anymore. Not that I would, but my hubby does know a thing or two about it.

So, after dealing with the cars in the morning the afternoon was spent visiting with my next door neighbor. She is 78 years old, a great seamstress, painter, and she can whip up some projects with a crochet hook!! We worked on some curtains for my kitchen, and then had a cup of tea (I love tea) in a very pretty cup with a slice of angel food cake (low fat) strawberries (part of your fruit serving for the day), and whipped cream (my calcium for the day)!

Where did my day go?!!!!

I'll leave you with some more Mannheim pictures....

Waiting for the train -

Gorgeous flowers!

The water tower

08 February 2009

Garden time

We have been having some beautiful weather here for the past few days. When the weather is like this along with all the garden catalogues coming in; it makes you wish for spring! So the hubby and I along with our son-in-law have been working in the garden for the past few days.
Hubby has been so excited. We purchased this old tractor last year. He has wanted one since he was a little kid. He had a toy one that he could ride around on when he was little, and that tractor feeling has never left!!!!

So, we have been busy working on that along with helping my parents out with a few miscellaneous things, the time has just slipped away!
However, here are a couple of pretty pictures that I took when visiting our next door neighbor's daughter and grandson in Mannheim, Germany.

More to come!

04 February 2009

Brrrr, it's cold!

This morning I would rather be looking at this..........

But instead I'm looking at this.......

Brrrr, it's cold outside! We are to remain in the low 30's all day. Of course no snow. Now, I know people up north are saying, you don't want any snow! Yet when you only get flurries once or twice a year it sure makes a pretty picture! I guess that is why southerners don't do well with snow. Too many wrecks, that's because we are all looking out the window!!!
Take Care!

02 February 2009

Rainy days and Mondays

The rain has finally made its way in, and the forecast for snow/showers tomorrow is off again. I guess we should enjoy this cold rain because come summer all of us will be complaining about how hot and dry it is!

I snapped this picture last year in January on a cold and rainy day. I thought that it would be fitting for today too!
I know I said I would have some Germany pictures for you, but I am still working on putting it all together. This is a new thing for me, the blogging world!
Take Care!

01 February 2009


The weather outside is gorgeous, and the sun is shining giving us one more day of pretty weather to enjoy before the rain moves in tomorrow, and HA! snow showers on Tuesday. Here in the south we do not normally see snow on the ground, maybe for 10 minutes or so!!, once a year if we are fortunate.
They say spring is not that far away so I thought that I would share a few spring pictures from last year.

Oh, and this is our little miniature snowman with the ice we received last year, hmmm I think he is missing his hat and scarf, poor little snowman. I guess it is because it warmed up real fast afterwards so he really didn't need it.

Here are some pictures of our azaleas. We have two in front of the house that are gigantic! I must say they are some of my favorite spring bushes.

For tomorrow I'll start posting some pictures of when my hubby and I went to see my family over in Germany last September. We traveled over a good portion of Germany, went into France and Austria. The best part though was being able to see my family that I had not seen in 12 years. Now we have web cameras so we can see each other quite often. That would have been nice for when my grandparents were living. It is amazing how much everything has changed through the years! Well, that is it for now, Take Care!

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