09 February 2009

Cars and more

Another busy day. My parents came over so my dad could drop off his truck with my mechanic. Do you know how hard it is to find a good mechanic? Let alone one who is honest?!!!!! Before I found him I had gone through 3 mechanics!!! The bad thing is with cars these days you just can't fix them yourself anymore. Not that I would, but my hubby does know a thing or two about it.

So, after dealing with the cars in the morning the afternoon was spent visiting with my next door neighbor. She is 78 years old, a great seamstress, painter, and she can whip up some projects with a crochet hook!! We worked on some curtains for my kitchen, and then had a cup of tea (I love tea) in a very pretty cup with a slice of angel food cake (low fat) strawberries (part of your fruit serving for the day), and whipped cream (my calcium for the day)!

Where did my day go?!!!!

I'll leave you with some more Mannheim pictures....

Waiting for the train -

Gorgeous flowers!

The water tower

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