27 February 2009

Birds, eggs, and cake

Spring is definitely in the air! The bluebirds are going around checking out the homes, I'm seeing more Robins, and all the other birds are going to town with the feeders I have put out for them. In a couple of months it will be time for the hummingbirds again! So not only are the birds playing house, but the bigger birds as well. They have really started laying again. Thank goodness! Nothing tastes better than as my hubby puts it "a real egg". So I made a pound cake which is now half gone although I wish I could make some of the delicious desserts that my cousin over in Germany had for us. Don't they look good?!

1 comment:

justabeachkat said...

Hi there! Gosh, I'm drooling over those desserts.

Thanks for your visit and comment today. I hope you'll visit me again...you're always welcome.


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