21 February 2009

Honeybees & garden

The weather has warmed up just a bit here. Hubby and son-in-law worked in the garden again adding compost and leaves. We are bound and determine to try and have a good garden this year. It's a catching thing as both of our neighbors were working in their garden too! I think it's called spring fever! Even the honeybees were out gathering on all the spring flowers. The forsythia or yellow bells as some people call them are beginning to bloom too. We have two sets of chickens, the buffs and then the mismatch with the araucanas. Junior the rooster along with his hens were busy in the garden as the hubby was plowing the dirt under with all the added extras. I'll leave you with these pictures that I took today.
Ice in the fountain

Praying mantis cocoon

Sammy (my daughter's dog and my buddy) greeting me

Plowing the field

Junior & hen

Yellowbells blooming

Honeybees busy at work

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