01 February 2009


The weather outside is gorgeous, and the sun is shining giving us one more day of pretty weather to enjoy before the rain moves in tomorrow, and HA! snow showers on Tuesday. Here in the south we do not normally see snow on the ground, maybe for 10 minutes or so!!, once a year if we are fortunate.
They say spring is not that far away so I thought that I would share a few spring pictures from last year.

Oh, and this is our little miniature snowman with the ice we received last year, hmmm I think he is missing his hat and scarf, poor little snowman. I guess it is because it warmed up real fast afterwards so he really didn't need it.

Here are some pictures of our azaleas. We have two in front of the house that are gigantic! I must say they are some of my favorite spring bushes.

For tomorrow I'll start posting some pictures of when my hubby and I went to see my family over in Germany last September. We traveled over a good portion of Germany, went into France and Austria. The best part though was being able to see my family that I had not seen in 12 years. Now we have web cameras so we can see each other quite often. That would have been nice for when my grandparents were living. It is amazing how much everything has changed through the years! Well, that is it for now, Take Care!

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