15 February 2009

Back from under the weather

Back from under the weather is putting it mildly! Just not too long ago hubby and I both had a case of the suds (Spongebob talk for him, sniffles/cold for me). Then last week, bam!, I got a case of knock em down, put em to bed, have box of tissues, water, lemons, vitamin c, thermometer ready. A flu bug snuck into my life. What misery! Hubby kept the supplies going along with cooking, but who could eat? Almost a whole week of it. Today I was finally able to do a few things along with cooking supper which the hubby said he missed my cooking. It was getting very close to his cooking hot dog supreme (don't ask!!!). Actually he is a pretty good cook, and every now and then he gets to be in the kitchen. Well, every morning he does bring me my cup of tea. Yet while I was sick I didn't even want that. With a fever going way over the 100 mark I'm glad to be getting back to normal; except my brain and fingers don't want to co-operate on the computer!!!!! Thank goodness for spell check!!!
So, I'll leave you now with a few pictures from a castle. I have to go and rest before someone fusses at me!!!


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