24 August 2009

Wring by hand

Hubby says that I love to wash clothes. If there is something lying around he tells me that I'll grab it and throw it into the wash. Well, that's not entirely true, I do make sure it is dirty first! I think that the part I like the best is to hang the laundry out on the line. I just love the way sheets smell after they dry or anything else for that matter. Like snuggling next to my hubby when he puts on a clean t-shirt! I do have a dryer, but that was inherited with the house, and it has seen it's last legs. It takes forever to dry. So I have been planning on buying a new one, but as long as the sun is shinning I can wait. My daughter has my old dryer which is as old as she is and the reason it has lasted so long is because of the clothesline.
This past weekend I did a load of wash. Hubby, I said, I think the washing machine is making a funny noise. I listened again yet the noise went away. Whew! So this morning I washed a load, threw in another load, went outside and hung out the first load. When I came back in I thought, that's strange, it sounds like the washer is washing and running water at the same time. Oh oh. I open the lid and peek inside. Oh boy......then I look on the floor, yep! My washer has finally died. Well, not really died, but it sure likes to run water. Water everywhere. Thank goodness it was a light load so it was easier to spin out, because that would have been a bummer wringing it all out by hand.
I called hubby. Look, our washing machine won't quit washing. Well, hubby says, that's because you just love doing laundry. No, I mean that the water keeps on running. Didn't we just buy a washing machine hubby asks? That was for Lori. Oh.
(She and her husband live in our old place up the hill so if anything goes wrong we fix it.)
Hubby tells me that they are suppose to have appliance rebate just like the car rebate. I get on line to check, but that isn't till late fall. I could stand over the washer and turn the water on and off. Nah, I'll have to do that anyway until I find one that I like and will meet our budget.
Hubby says, you might as well start looking as you'll go through laundry withdrawals. You can even get one that talks to you. HA HA, very funny.
I hate appliance shopping. So far this summer it has been two dishwashers, a washing machine, and the biggie (hold onto my heart cause here's the big one), an air conditioner/heating unit. The original washer/dryer set that I first bought that washer lasted 15 years and the dryer is still going. Then the next washer lasted 7 years and we had to replace it. This set that we are now going to have to replace is at least 15-20 years old.
Now tell me, why can't they make them like they use to??????


Linda said...

A repair man for my really old washer told me that they now build washers and dryers with built in obselecense (did I spell that right?) so we have to buy them more often. He told me to keep repairing my old one.

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

The pictures from your daughters wedding look lovely! You don't look like you have a grown up daughter! It must have taken a lot of your time to organise the wedding, but very satisfying. My daughters als still living at home. I do realise it will not be for very long any more. So, I enjoy every day!

Kind regards,


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