20 August 2009

Saying goodbye to my southern cousins

The week that we stayed in southern Germany was wonderful. It was really the first time that I had seen it with grown up eyes. When I was there last was 13 years ago with my daughter, and before that well......let's just say when I was a child!!!!! This time going with my hubby was seeing it like you were a child again; wanting to explore and learn everything! What fun we had!!! It was hard saying goodbye to my aunt and all of my cousins. We are all getting old now, and these days one never knows what might happen or when we will see each other again in person. Yet with today's technology and phone calls no longer being so expensive at least we are all able to stay in touch, but not as often as we should. A few of my cousins have Skype now so we can see each other, and what fun we have doing it!
So, I thought that I would show my cousins from the south, because seeing family again even though we never grew up together was the most important reason for going.
My cousin Rebecca and one of her daughters who was just tickled to see someone from America!
My cousin Marina, who is just so sweet.
Carola and I played together quite often when we lived over in Germany for a little over a year.

And here is Cowboy, actually Carsten with me and my aunt is standing in the doorway.
He and my brother played together since they are close to the same age. Hubby nicknamed him Cowboy since he just loves country and western music! This was the day we left and he showed up all dressed up!! Well, of course we had to get several pictures of him!!

Even now just looking at these pictures brings tears to my eyes. They did so much for us the whole time we were there. So now we head up north as I have more cousins and an aunt and uncles to see.

"On the road again" (That's for you Carsten!)

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Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I love your pictures from Germany as well. I have never been in that part of the country.

I can imagine it must be difficult for you having your family so far away and then leave them again...

Kind regards, Madelief

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