30 August 2009

Wet feet

We are having rain! Ever since we had that 4 year or longer drought I really don't complain about the rain. I like rain. I am glad to have the rain as we have a well, and during the drought time our neighbor behind us had his well run low. He had cattle too so you can imagine that was a tough situation.
I saw on the news where California was having really bad wildfires, and also over in Athens, Greece. To all of you I hope that you get the much needed rain to take care of it.
Here are a few pictures from a previous rainfall. I told hubby, and we really did look at enlarging our pond, that we need to do it soon. It is overflowing again! Last weekend we laid out string and chairs just trying to decide how we want it done. Now I wish we would have decided on something since our little baby fish might be washing downstream to the river!! By the way our little pond is man made, but we do have a dry creek on the property, and when we have a good rain storm water will run in it.
Happy wet feet!

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Bek said...

Yeah:) We also finally got some rain last week. After weeks of heat and only heat, rain is really a nice thing. As long as it doesn't get too much at once, of course:)
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Martha said...

Rain is a good thing . . . we've had a wet summer and have loved it -- it was the summer of green -- usually on the prairie it is a summer of brown!

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

I don't mind the rain either! It has been very dry in Holland as well. We do not often have forest fires, but this weekend we had one in the Dunes in the North of Holland. I can see the soil is dry in our garden as well. Some trees and shrubs, like the blackberry, have lost all their leaves already. They are really struggling...The weatherforecast is predicting rain the coming days. I so hope it will fall!!!

Enjoy your week! Bye for now, Madelief

Fifi Flowers said...

I would LOVE to have RAIN!!! SOunds glorious!
Bon week-end!

Mary said...

Hi Ulrike,
Not much rain going on here but lovely cooler temps. this week. Just as long as we don't get a hurricane pay a visit, I'll be happy with regular gentle rains.

Hope your tiny fish stay safe in their pond!

Happy Holiday weekend.

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