02 August 2009

The road to the cuckoo clock

The last time I was in Germany with my daughter I wanted to buy a cuckoo clock, but I never did. Now with hubby we were on a mission to find a cuckoo clock for us and one for my daughter and son-in-law.
Of course, my Tante told us several places in the Black Forest that sold the cuckoo clocks and one was a quaint town called Titisee. Here are some photos of our cuckoo clock adventure.
We came across this little town, but never did find the big cuckoo clock store here.

We had to park the car so I could get a better picture of this building. I just love the geraniums, such a unique color!

This was my favorite picture from here of the flowers.

The corner drugstore next to this pretty building.

A few garden photos along with a photo from a candy store.

This is Lake Titisee

Starting to get hungry looking at all of this good German bread!

Check out the table where we sat. The inside of the table was filled with coffee beans.

Is this not gorgeous?!

This wooden statue has been here forever!

The trees starting to show their fall colors

Hubby wanted a picture of the train station here

Here he is patiently waiting by the car

A stop on the way back to pick up some flowers for my Tante.

So, all of that, but no pictures of the cuckoo clocks! I totally forgot to take some!! However, if you are ever in the Black Forest area and want a cuckoo clock, this is a beautiful town to shop for one!


Anonymous said...

I loved your pictures ~ thanks for sharing them! It would be so neat to have a cuckoo clock!


Expat Traveler said...

Looks amazing! Great photos... :)

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