17 August 2009

The little town my aunt lives in

Last week was a busy week with hubby home. We worked on quite a few things around the house and in the garden. It seems that a good rain, plenty of sunshine, and my not being in the garden really helped the weeds to grow! The following day I was complaining of my lower back hurting so much, and it wasn't until I leaned over to pick something up that I realized it was from using the hoe!!!
So, since I did not do much posting last week I thought I would supply a lot of pictures from the little town that my aunt lives in. It is a wonderful little town nestled in the valley, and just big enough that not everyone knows your business, almost!! It certainly did not take them long to find out that she had a niece from America visiting!!
We will begin with a walk about from her house around a portion of the town. We did not have a lot of time as we were going to go to my cousin's house for supper.
This is a charming street, but only big enough for one car so you had to wait your turn.

These two boys were using nets to get something out of the water. I went up and asked them what they were doing, and they were getting buckeyes (is what they look like) or chestnuts out. There was several trees along the bank and the nuts would drop into the stream. Look at the statue/fountain behind him. If you click on the picture to enlarge you will see all the detail to it. That was quite interesting!

I loved the turret on this house. That was a little unusual to see.

I took a lot of pictures with wrought iron signs which I'll show in another post. This one was advertising a beer place I believe. It was a very ornate sign. I didn't realize until much later that I had captured the cat crossing the street too!

The center of town with another pretty fountain.

The bakery that my uncle would walk to for our fresh brotchen every morning. Yummmm!!!!

Another fountain on the street. They had a lot of fountains in this town.

Here are mums, pansies, and other flowers for sale.

Does anyone know what kind of tree this is? The red really stands out.

I love this table underneath the trees. I could enjoy a dinner out here with friends!

These people have such a pretty garden spot.

A little whimsy on the side.

Look at the huge heads of lettuce and the beautiful black dirt!

Now here I can sit and have my morning cup of tea and look at the garden.

This house is across from my aunt. The flowers are so pretty.

And here I am next to the stream and the gorgeous flowers.

There were many little villages such as this one in the Black Forest area. I would have loved to have visited more of them since they all have something just a little different. Well, maybe one day....guess I better start saving my pennies!!


Bernideen said...

If those berries were orange- maybe a mountain ash- I have one my yard!

Barbara said...

Immediaately I guessed somewhere in southern Germany. It's lovely and brings back fond memories.
The tree - could be a Mountain Ash. I see Bernideen thinks the same.
Thanmks for visit.

Kat said...

What a beautiful town! I enjoyed seeing all the photos.

I was pleasantly surprised in your comment to me that you have family living near me. I hope you'll let me know if you ever come for a visit.


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