29 January 2014

Disappearing Fast....Snow!

So we finally got some snow!  It has been about 3 years since the last one, and then we received 6 inches.  This time only, well around my area, an inch and a half.  Of course to Atlanta it did a lot more as we had that black ice, then the snow, and then schools, people from work all going home at the same time. 
People living where they get a lot of snow make fun of us here in the south when we get it.  However, they tend to forget we usually have the ice that goes with the snow which tends to make it a hazard for anyone.  When we had the six inches it was all beautiful, fluffy, snow, but.....can't complain I enjoy it all the same!
So here is what it looked like around my house this morning.

 Our chicken house in the background here.  Good thing we have all those wire fences all they way around and on the top too as the guys saw coyote, fox, rabbit and deer tracks.  The clearing beyond that is where someone is building a house.  The land was sold about 7 years ago.

And our next door neighbor thought he would "ice" fish in our little pond! You have to look close to see the fishing pole with the little "fish" on it.  He is from Wisconsin so this is not that much snow for him, and his mom and aunt were in town for a visit trying to get away from it!

Our poor little fish although they seemed quite happy swimming underneath.  You can see the orange.
It wasn't that cold, but I still bundled up!
The bad thing is when it snows all I want to do is sit in front of the fire, laptop handy, and a good cup a tea!  Speaking of fires I better add some more wood to it as my hubby just came in with another armful of wood saying it needed another log on it.  Oh, and the gas man finally came this afternoon, thank goodness, although the bill he left behind for the two tanks (my daughter and ours) was not as welcome!  Now that some wood has been added I am going to check out which of you also got some of this storm!


Silke said...

You guys actually got snow! We didn't. Just rain and ice. It's a cozy day at our house since I don't have to go anywhere... Sitting by the fire and knitting and visiting blogs. Your photos are beautiful! Are you glad like me that we are warming up for the weekend?

xoxo Silke

Anke said...

You definitely got more snow than we did. It looks very pretty, but I am still glad we didn't really get any worth mentioning. ;-)

Mary said...

Hi dear girl - wow again you blew me away with all those great comments, thanks so very much. Your pics here are lovely - your land always looks so awesome - even with strange ex-Wisconsin men hanging about, haha! Love the pic of you.

Bob joins me in sending a belated Happy New Year to you, C and L - how is she doing these days?

Ulrike, you should go visit my special blog friend Gina in Utah - you will love her farm, Italian painted ceramics, and the most beautiful pics up now from her recent trip to Germany (she visits there often). You probably know many of the lovely places she visited.
Her blog is Art & Alfalfa - http://ginaceramics.blogspot.com

Enjoy this winter snow, just enough really and will soon be gone - we had melting today from the sun however it's freezing again tonight.
Stay warm - much love, Mary

P.S. Yes, YOUR honey was the best ever!

stadtgarten said...

We haven't had any snow this winter until now...
Leibe Gruesse, Monika

Southern Lady said...

Lovely. It looks like we got about the same amount of snow as you. Stay warm. -Carla

Rosine Apfelkern said...

Everything okay with you? Long time no post you wrote.
I hope you are doing well!


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