28 January 2014

South Snow

Old man winter is blowing in strong here in the south!  From New Orleans to Savannah, Charleston, Raleigh, and Atlanta we are getting anything from sleet, ice, snow for today.  I am sitting here by the kitchen window with my laptop watching it just flow down; the view is better here only because the desktop in my office finally died.  The other one (which was my dad's computer) is in the shop so the verdict is still out on it.
The trees are getting covered, my hubby is home and so is my daughter so at least that's a good thing.  Now, if only the gas man will show up before the driveway becomes the perfect sledding hill again then things will be alright!  Guess it is time to get a fire going in the fireplace.  Nothing like snow, a warm fire, and a good cup a tea!  How are things in your neck of the woods?

1 comment:

Anke said...

It's cold in our neck of the woods with a dusting like powdered sugar. School (and work for me) tomorrow are cancelled, so it'll be a cozy day at home. Red beans and rice are simmering and for tomorrow I'll make a nice rice pudding tart. That ought to keep us warm. ;-)

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