18 April 2014

February, March, and now April!

Goodness, I am behind on posting once again.  Well, a lot has been happening around here, and then I must admit facebook and especially pinterest has taken up a lot of my time.  I have been looking for designs to use for our camper that we purchased last year, and have just now been able to start working on again since we had all of that crazy, crazy weather here in the south. 
So here is what it looked like in February, and yes, snow again!

Where I wish I could have been!

The start of a new colorful day.

oops!  I am going to have to learn how to turn these around!
So, February and March had snow and cold rain with April finally warming up to bring us flowers and color back into our life.
I need to play around with blogger again.  So much to show, so much to do, and never enough time for all of it. 
Our list has been working on camper, working up the hill on my daughter's house underneath it putting insulation in.  Cleaning the yard everywhere as with the wind, snow, etc. you would not believe all of the tree branches down.  Putting up a bigger chicken pen so we can try and grow some grass in certain areas before the chickens find it!  We have also made new garden beds in front of my garden house so fencing needs to go around it too.  Whew!  The list could go on, but we have been busy beavers here.  So hope all is well with all of you, and I have visited a few so I need to get back with it.  Till then!


Mary said...

Dear Ulrike, have missed you and glad to know all is 'springing up' around the landscape. We are enjoying spring at long last too - what a winter for the south, unbelievably cold and we now know we could never move back north, this was enough for us!!!

Do you have travel plans for this year? Any chance you might return to Germany? Bob and I have plans for a June trip - more on the blog about it later!

Wishing you all a beautiful Easter weekend.
Take care and don't work too hard on that landscaping - I can only do a couple of hours at a time these days, it's hard work but so worthwhile when you look out the window!

Love and hugs from us both - think of you and C often.
Mary x

Rosine Apfelkern said...

Dear Ulla,
nice to read from you again!
It has barely snowed. We had no real winter, which was then well with you!
I am also on Facebook. Pinterest I have closed again, because here not as the copyright for photos in Germany as with you. That was me too sensitive.
I am happy when you're writing again more on your blog.

Rosine ♥♥♥

Rosine Apfelkern said...

Hello Ulrike, June now, and where are you ?
Greetings from Rosine ♥

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