01 January 2014

The New Year is here!

Wow!  Another new year is here!  The old one is past with all of the good and the bad that happened which in a way has helped strengthen me for what is yet to come.
A friend told me last night (no, we did not stay up till midnight!) that her family does not make new year resolutions, but new year wishes.  Well, that sounds pretty good to me!  She told me one of the wishes her son has made is to have a girlfriend this year.  He is getting so tall and just as cute as can be; I don't think that will be a problem this year!
I have lots of wishes for my coming new year.  One is definitely to start blogging again, and visiting all of you.  I think about it yet I have looked on facebook and pinterest (which is where all of these Happy New Year pics have come from) for gardening, herbs, health, crafts, especially crochet, that time just seems to run away from me.  So, I am starting out one new year wish!
I have many, many other wishes, and hopefully a lot of them will come true yet I guess what makes a wish come true is if I put the effort into it.  I need to......I will be another year older very soon!  Life is passing by so fast......
So, I will leave you with this new year photo from pinterest
My motto for the new year!  I wish all of you in blog land a Very Happy New Year!


Dianna said...

I am looking forward to reading here in this space a LOT this year, Ulrike! Love your background.

Anke said...

"The possibilities are endless" is a great way to think about the new year. Such a positive way to look ahead! :-) Here's hoping that all your wishes for the new year come true!!

Mary said...

Please blog more often Ulrike - I miss you when you're gone for long periods!

Sending you, Craig, Lori and all your family blessings and good wishes for health and happiness for the New Year -
from me and of course Bob.

Mary X

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