09 May 2012

Making Grandmother Happy

The end of last month had a lot of things blooming earlier than usual such as this white peony.  Oh how I love them!
These azaleas really took off this spring probably due to more rain.
A new clematis on a new arbor that holds a Lady Banks Rose
Another peony along with a knock out rose in the background. I prefer antique roses, but this one kind of snuck in!  We also had several loads of dirt brought in to level places out.  It is a never ending process around here with lots of work needing to be done.
So when my aunt called to say she was in South Carolina and then going up to my grandmother's house in North Carolina; she asked if I'd like to meet her in South Carolina to go to this gorgeous nursery.  I needed a nursery break so of course, yes!  First thing I saw was this yellow peony.  Oh how I drooled over it.  However, right now $80 for one plant is a little out of my price range.
We bought two of those pots off to the right for my grandmother.

I would love to have all of these around me!
Totally cute!
I am doing something similar to this very soon.
See the rocks made to look like owls?  And I didn't see it until this photo, but the little cherub to the left of the ever so cute chair is just calling my name.  It is saying how am I ever going to plant all of this?  
May not be this year, but yes sir you will see this in my garden one day.
Family of owls.
We could have stayed there a lot longer, and once when my aunts took my grandmother they stayed over half a day.  My grandmother loves flowers so much that she just can't stand not to be outside with them.  So I bought two chairs that would be sturdy enough for her.  She seems to be enjoying sitting there and looking!  We planted over 50 bulbs on the slope along with plants that we planted along the driveway that we picked up.
She doesn't look like she is going to be 95 in under six months does she?
What childhood memories this tree brings.  When I was little the trees in the background were not even there along with all the others that have grown so much you can't even see the mountain with the ranger station on it anymore.
So many blooming this year.
Yes, we made her happy!

My grandmother says she still sneaks outside to walk without anyone around so she can look at everything.  She really is not suppose to as she is not as steady as she once was a few years back. My dad says she will probably make a 100, and of course she will still be sneaking out to look at her flowers!


Mary said...

Hi dear, love seeing Grandma doing so well and enjoying Nature with you.

Your Spring garden is coming along and looking pretty - wow those white peonies are so brilliant, bet the perfume is lovely.

Hope life is good - we miss you.
Love, Mary

Anke said...

Ulrike, there is so much I love about this post! Your garden is so very pretty and that nursery would have had me drooling. You probably would have had to drag me out of there.
It was so sweet of you to buy the chairs for your grandmother. She looks like she's really enjoying her garden!
The plant stand/tripod is gorgeous! Do you plan on making one or buying one?

Comfrey Cottages said...

So nice your grandmother is doing so well and you had such a nice visit! How sweet! A yellow peony!! lust and drool! love those owls! big hugs

Zuzu said...

How wonderful! She looks VERY happy! :)
You asked if we got snow the other day... yes, in fact I just posted a pic of it this morning. The good thing is that it melts in a day and I'm back outside playing again. I am soooo much like your grandmother - I love to spend time outdoors looking at everything! :)
Hope you have a lovely day,

Madelief said...

Dear Ulrike,

You are so fortunate to still have your grandmother around. She looks like a very sweet lady. She must have liked your garden very much. It looks stunning at in the photographs. You have so much in bloom already!

Wish you a happy day!

Madelief x

monika said...

love the flowers and love your grandmother!

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