13 May 2012

My Blooming Roses & Other Things

It has grown even bigger this rose in the pot!  It is so happy there yet I still have to build a wall around the pot, and then cut the pot.  I won't even try to dig it up.
The colors change on it.  It starts out like this and then fades to a light pink.  The name is Pearl D'Ore, and old fashion rose.  They should call it Divine as that is how it smells!
This one in the foreground is my Ispahan rose. It only blooms once which is so sad since the fragrance is wonderful too.  I almost lost it when we moved way back when, but it is a tough one thank goodness.
My Duchess De Brandt I believe.  It was full of blooms this year, and it has gotten more buds on it too.
This one is a repeat bloomer also, but I don't remember the name.  Such a beautiful color though.
Love all the petals!
I don't know when I got started with all the pinks! I have always been a red, orange, yellow flower girl, but for some reason that has changed.  Must be old age!  I still have some beds that have those specific colors.
So we have had that early spring which means that I have been running around like a mad woman trying to get everything in the ground.  You wonder where I have been?  Well, this year we have added fences around all of my flower and vegetable beds to keep the chickens out.  From a distance you can barely see the fence, and we did the same to the other side of the garden house.
This is my teepee garden.  It has a variety of pole beans, two different kinds of cucumbers, tomatoes, and some type of squash that was in the compost pile that I added to this garden.  I had cardboard on this for over six months, and just started adding dirt, leaves, more dirt, etc..  I even took the wheel barrow up the hill umpteen times to get dirt from where the old chicken pen used to be.  Where I am standing I have another bed that has dahlias in it which I will be moving although I'm not sure if that will be this year or not.  I am planning on making it an herb bed.  Or maybe not.  In front of my garden house there is a spot which has shale rock (or so it feels like it!) that I may turn into a raised herb bed.

  We started this last year and have added more beds plus we put the fences up too.  I like these fences a lot better than what we had last year.  I have a variety of squash, hot peppers, eggplant, onions, beets, radishes, lettuces, peas, bell peppers, more tomatoes, rhubarb which I am surprised it is still living, and okra planted if it gets hot enough for it to come up.  In the middle are my blueberry bushes, blackberries, raspberries, whew!  Last year nothing did well.  I am hoping this year will be better
We used to have our garden up at the top near the road.  That is extremely busy now, and I don't think the soil is that great anymore.  So I started these beds, and with all the trees I have to put beds where I can find the sun!  I also have another bed with potatoes, more tomatoes, and strawberries.  I am hoping to be very busy this summer!  Of course it could all change again, and nothing will do well, however, I wasn't the only one last year so at least I know I didn't do anything wrong.
The other rose which needs constant cutting as it is right next to the sidewalk, and hubby says it attacks him.  We are training it to grow up the carport; too bad it doesn't bloom all summer, but it has lovely rose hips.  Now the rain has stopped again which is why I'm here in front of the computer instead of outside.  I am thankful for the rain as we need it bad.  Spoke too soon!  Here comes the rain again......hmmm, maybe I might just be able to take a nap, nah, I've never been a nap taker, I guess I'll go blog hopping!


Rosine said...

Dear Ulrike, thanks for the wonderful e-card. I just got the colorful bouquet.

Have it nice!

Greetings from

Mary said...

Gosh Ulrike, you HAVE been busy in the garden....and all looks fabulous! the roses are so special - I love the pink ones. My New Dawn climber has been blooming on the back fence but is not as prolific as in some years - I think it need to be pruned heavily and then will maybe regenerate itself! I feel the same way - I need pruning and regenerating too!!!!! LOL.

Love, Mary

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