18 April 2012

Biltmore Trip

I have now been to the Biltmore House three times.  This was the first time that I got to see all of the spring bulbs and azaleas which were just beautiful.  I thought that I had some of my old photos already on the computer, but apparently not.  One day I will find them, and show you more of the house.  Photos of the inside are not allowed so I can't show you that yet trust me it is really amazing!  So here is the brochure, and if you can ever make it to the Biltmore House you will be pleased. 
Ours was just a day visit, but the last time we went with my friend standing next to me we got a package deal at one of the area hotels plus three days to the grounds with a visit to the house.  Her hubby when he saw this photo said that there were the three old ladies, and I reminded him one was his wife, the other his mother!
This is looking from the balcony of the above photo
You know me and taking these type photos...I love the details!
Our other member of the party the aunt from Wisconsin
Would have been better with a cool drink in hand, and a chance to relax!
This wisteria tree is huge!  We missed it the last time due to a killing frost, thank goodness for the warm weather!

250 rooms in this home, and the driver from the bus said the whole house is probably 4 acres
I told the girls I'd like to be in one of those rooms when a storm comes through to watch the lightening!
The last time I took a photo of Jan on these stairs she was wrapped up in a coat holding an umbrella.  Every time we go somewhere with them it rains, but this day was beautiful.
Fountains were everywhere.  I'll find those other photos some time and post them
Walk ways with vines everywhere you look
Beautiful Japanese maple tree

The form this tree shows is gorgeous

Look at the tree here.  Everyone stopped to take photos
I have a few azaleas this color
I told one of the gardeners he had my dream job! He told me that is what everyone says although I'm sure it is back breaking work. I'll post more from the Biltmore Gardens tomorrow.


Rosine said...

Beautiful Holiday!
Have a nice time!

Greetings from

Julie Marie said...

Hi Ulrike... so nice to hear from you again!... love all your photos, especially the wisteria... xoxo Julie Marie

Mary said...

Always love visiting there no matter the season, but Spring is probably when the gardens are at their most beautiful.

As for working in the gardens, yes would be great.....if I was 20 years younger and didn't have my own which requires a lot of TLC as usual!!! going away put me behind, however this week since returning I've been digging in the dirt almost daily and the benefits are being reaped.....it's looking pretty!

Have fun dear - hope life is good.
Mary (and Bob) XX

Anke said...

If we lived closer to Biltmore, I'd be there all the time. The "house" is so grand and the gardens are just gorgeous. I would love to be able to see them at different times of the growing season.
Looks like you all had a fabulous time there.

Comfrey Cottages said...

oh how gorgeous!! I adore that wisteria! So happy the weather was beautiful and you had such a nice time! I love the details too Ulrike. xxxxx

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