26 August 2010

Update on Garden House

I thought that before I got started for the day I would give you a quick update on my garden house. I've got the base coat on the outside, and have been playing around with the trim colors.

Hubby has planed the french doors twice already not counting when it was put in. We have had such high humidity this summer that the doors have just swelled.

Shelves are being put inside.

Here you can see that the sheetrock has been put up which is what hubby and I did together. Then I did the taping, sanding, muding, and then I painted everything. We did have our neighbor/painter put a kilz coat on the rafters and windows then I went back and painted all of them. If you notice above the shelves next to the tin we put foam board up. When we first painted the foam board the ink kept bleeding through even with kilz! Finally hubby scrapped the ink part off of the others and it stopped. The foam board was put there since there was a gap between the sheetrock and tin roof which allowed air to escape to the outside or worse the hot air to come in! Hubby put in a ceiling fan for me, and then we have a little window air conditioning unit which he placed in the window. I did not want that yet after working in the house with as hot and humid as it has been it was a lifesaver! I'll take it out later when it cools down, but I was thankful for it with this hot summer!

I am not a big fan of windows like these. They look pretty yet are a pain to clean, and even worse a pain to paint! However, they were free along with the french doors (hubby is so good about finding freebies!). These did have a dark stain on them. It has taken one coat of kilz plus three coats of paint to get them to this stage! And they still need touch ups!!!!! What's worse is I still have to paint the outside! At least on the outside they came with a good coat of light paint on them already.

Hubby put all the vents in. Yesterday I trimmed all the white you see which is where hubby caulked.

I had put the base coat on the outside about a month ago. Then we had rain, and when it wasn't raining the humidity was so high which really isn't good painting weather. This is what I have been working on most of the summer. The garden did not do well at all so I focused my attention on the garden house. Of course this is along with all the usual stuff that needs to be done inside and out. Then we had a surprise waiting for us one Saturday morning. After a storm one Friday night hubby looked outside on the carport and saw this sleeping away!

He came and woke me up and told me there was something outside that I have been wanting. A rug I asked? I've been looking for one for my garden house. No. So I get up to see, and at first I thought it was a deer since all I noticed were the legs, of course I didn't have my contacts or glasses on!!!! Then I saw it was a dog, a big dog. Oh boy, and I was wanting a Benji dog. I've been calling around everywhere, and even had a very nice lady who runs a doggie boarding house plus a shelter for homeless dogs put ads out. So far nothing. We have had a big dog before, a husky, so big dogs are ok. Yet I would rather find its owners although we have the feeling that she was dumped off. It is happening more and more. So for now we are foster parents! which made the very nice lady very happy! Now, she needs her walk which is good as it is getting me active again!! so I better get busy!!!


comfrey cottages said...

your garden house is looking so wonderful, ulrike! good job to you and your hubby. understand how gardens suffer during projects. i have had a bust of a year gardening. between too much rain, too much heat and the grands, plus the new herbal class work... well, they look just disreputable! lol
I adore the face of your new foster baby! She is just soooo sweet!!! enjoy your walk with her. xxxx

Julie Marie said...

Hello Ulrike... your little garden shed is looking wonderful! How fun it will be for you to put all of your treasures inside! I LOVE that pup! So beautiful, and I do believe she was sent just for you!... xoxo Julie Marie Doggie kisses sweet pup!

Anonymous said...

Oh My.... Your garden house is beautiful & I can hardly wait until it is completed!!
Have a Great Day!

Anke said...

Your garden house is coming along nicely. I'm sure you can't wait for it all to be done - I can't wait to see pictures of the finished project. It is so sad, people just dumping their dogs. Thank goodness you guys are taking good care of her.

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

I hardly recognised your garden house! It has changed so much. It look simply great, more like a luxurious cottage!!! Love the colours your chose, the French doors and the window. I am looking forward to see how you will decorate it!

The dog looks so sweet. Can't quite believe that people just dump such a sweet looking animal. I hope it will bring you lot's of joy, but I gather from your lines that he already does :-)!

Wishing you a happy weekend. My love and I will be off to Belgium for a couple of days!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I absolutely LOVE your garden house! It is beautiful, and I cannot believe the changes from the start to now.....so muchwork, looks so good.
Well, now you have a garden house protector, too! ;)
(that was a VERY HAPPY FACE in the photo...)


stadtgarten said...

What a beautiful garden house! And congratulations on "your" new dog - perhaps it will stay forever?
Liebe Grüße, Monika

Rosine said...

Dein Gartenhaus wird wirklich schön!
Ich kann das schon sehen.
Liebe Grüße Rosine

Southern Lady said...

I love the garden house! It is really looking great. I know you will enjoy it so much when you are finished. I have a little building that needs painting, however, the humidity has prevented me from doing so. I am hoping that I can get it done on a cooler fall day. Carla

Floss said...

Hello - what a lovely little house and big dog! It's been great to find you've joined the magazine swap - and did you mention Country Living? I have a number of people asking for American Country Living - it's great to hear that we'll be able to match you up so well with someone!

Lori said...

Looooove the garden house! Definitely almost ready for a cup of tea while we watch your little TV! Love you. Lori

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