14 August 2010

Two Mules For 88

Last weekend we went with our neighbors up to the mountains of North Carolina to visit a friend of theirs whom we have had the pleasure of meeting quite a few times.

The day turned out to be really nice with beautiful blue skies

There is a creek on the property too

Along with some grape vines scattered around

The creek has little shards of rubies and garnets, nothing really big, but hubby got down to start looking for some

I used a pan, and although you really can't see the little rubies as they were just pin dots, it certainly was fun!

Nice thing about a creek you can put a lawn chair in it, plop yourself down, cool your feet, and drink a glass of wine when you are through panning!

Later on our friend told us we could pick as much as we wanted of the blueberries

the pears

and we had a ton of apples that had already fallen to the ground. I brought a huge box home with me

The next morning hubby and I went for a walk

The morning mist was across the mountains

The creek still held its jewels

The mist was slowly burning off, but left the dew on the ground

Poke berries and morning glories along the roadside

A bumble bee busy at work as hubby walked on

The morning light giving an old barn new beauty

It was a little cool that morning and I had to borrow a t-shirt as all I had was a tank top. Next time I'll remember a light jacket. This tree was huge, and is probably at least 100 years old or more.

A valley that seems to go on and on

An old wooden gate to invite you in

The blue of the morning glory as blue as the Carolina skies

A beautiful hydrangea of which I brought several cuttings home

I wish I could have brought this home! He had so many hummingbirds around, but there is a huge lake in the area that crosses two state lines. The hummingbirds always are more abundant around the water.

Such a beautiful area, a nice weekend. Yet I'm sure you are wondering where are the mules? Our friends family has been in this area probably for 80+ years if not more. His grandfather when he was very young bought this land for two mules from the Indians. Two mules for 88 acres. The stories this land could tell, and according to our friend they still have their "pow wows" not too far away from this old homestead. When they are there you can hear their songs and drums as they celebrate the days with the story telling of the past. The sounds carrying through into the evening molding into the valley of their ancestors until the misty morning light shows its face once again.


comfrey cottages said...

oh ulrike, what an absolutely beautiful post. you painted a lovely description of the area, with both your words,and your pictures. thanks for sharing:) hugs to you

Linda said...

What a beautiful area. I've explored the Carolina's a little but, obviously, not enough.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh how I would love to live with that much land, and a creek, and the old growth woods! A real gem.
Love the photos...feel as if I was there for the walk about.
Lovely post!


Rosine said...

Hallo Ulrike,
ganz schön viel Natur
oder bei uns sagt man auch aus Spaß:
Ganz schön viel Gegend.

Bis bald
die Rosine

Anke said...

What a beautiful piece of land! Gorgeous and so tranquil! What are you going to do with all of the fruit you were able to take home?

Anonymous said...

Oh Ulrike - both your photos and your writing paint a wonderful picture of this place. Thank you so much for inviting us along - I've never been to this part of the country, and it is incredibly beautiful!

The Painted Garden said...

Hi Ulrike,

It was so nice to hear from you. I hope you will have time to start painting agin. Your photos of the N.c. mountains are beautiful and bring back fond memories of my trips through the N.C. mountains. What a lovely property your friends have.

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

Just a quick comment to thank you for you email! Will mail you back soon! Love your pictures of your weekend in North Caroline. You look great on the photo. So young!!!

Lieve groet & happy sunday!


Southern Lady said...

That looks like such a beautiful area. I love the NC mountains. Our family visits at least once every year. I would love to own some land there. So glad that you enjoyed your trip. Carla

Julie Marie said...

Hello Ulrike... looks like Heaven on earth to me... what a beautiful place. Thank you so much for your visits and well wishes for me... xoxo Julie Marie

Deb G said...

Such a beautiful place and so wonderfully shared....

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