02 November 2009

Sunday drive to 3 states

Sunday was the first real sunny day that we have had in a while. So hubby and I decided to go on a Sunday drive. I had at first wanted to go to Chattanooga, Tennessee since it has been a long time, but we opted for driving through the three states. Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and back to Georgia. I did not think we would have very much fall color, but boy was I wrong on that one!
So with the sunroof open with a sunny day ahead we took off.
A glimpse of part of Lake Lanier now at a very full level. It had been something like 10-14 feet below with the drought and looked horrible. Now it is above it's full level.

An apple orchard that we stopped at to pick up a quick snack. Ellijay, Georgia has a lot of orchards, and very beautiful countryside. We will be going up that way again.

Here are the varieties of apples that I purchased, a half a peck worth. I purchased one of each, golden delicious, red delicious, cameo, pink delight, Fuji, and Arkansas black. The big one in the front is the Arkansas. I thought I would see which one I liked best!

One of our favorite things to do when we take a drive is to find hot boiled peanuts with hot apple cider! Now I don't know how many of you like hot boiled peanuts, and it does sound weired, but they are sooo good, if you like peanuts that is.

So, back on the road, mountains off in the distance here and there

We started climbing higher up and came across an over look so parked the car and hiked up a short distance and this is what we found!!!

Was that not unbelievable gorgeous?!!!! From the top picture you were probably looking out over to the extreme north Georgia and into Tennessee. As the pictures go down it would be Tennessee, North Carolina, and back to Georgia. We definitely would like to go back here sometime. I just could not believe the colors, and the mountains so defined, believe me it looks 10 times better in person!
Here are our pictures by the view.

Loved the split rail fence next to the pathway. I thought that made a great picture by itself, and with hubby in one.

Tomorrows post I'll show the rest of the pictures.


Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

What a great ride that must have been; the beautiful mountains full of trees, the blue sky. I am quite envious ;)! The boiled peanuts sound very tasty. Unfortunately we don't have them in Holland :( I like the picture of you and your husband. Can't believe that your already have a grown up daughter. You look so young!

Enjoy your week!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Expat Traveler said...

Oh wow - now that is a beautiful trip! I think we are finally buying a car once again so we can go on a few road trips too!

Those apples looked incredible too! Great pics.... :)

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