09 November 2009

A great find!

I have had this great find since early summer when hubby and I hit a subdivision yard sale not too far from us. I was looking for something such as a bookcase to store some of my craft items and such in. We came across this one young couple who had something, and believe it or not we actually left it and came back again. Painted black I wasn't too sure if I wanted it, but decided to ask the price anyway.
Outside was this piece and another one that looks similar, but no glass doors. They wanted $75 the first time. When I came back I asked if they would take $55, I know, I know, my hubby's mom taught me how to bargain!!! So the young lady asked her husband and he said they would take $60. That doesn't sound too bad. I told her ok $60 was good. (Now remember it was this piece below and another matching one)

Then she asked if I wanted another piece to the set. I asked her how much and she said nothing, they would give it away with the other two. So I was a little reluctant not knowing what it was until I went in the house and saw the armoire!!! SOLD!!!! Yes!!! I'll take it!! Are you sure? Yes, they were sure. They were tired of moving it since it was so heavy.

I could not believe that I got all three solid wood pieces for $60 bucks!! Of course we had to borrow the neighbor's truck, but hey, I made breakfast so he was happy! So now I need to decide what color to paint it. The black is ok, but it does have a black hole effect in some of the rooms. Most of my furniture is oak. Any ideas out there? I was thinking maybe a grey too, but who knows? They have been around for a while, but hopefully I'll decide before next year!!


comfrey cottages said...

what a wonderful bargain you got ulrike! i love them! so happy for you and like you say, so wonderful for storage:) black furniture is not too appealing to me, but then again, my house is so small, any black furniture would make the "black holes" you talk about. grey is nice... but what about just something more colorful? you could even leave it black with maybe some colorful stencil work? can't wait to see what you decide to do eventually:) nice! thanks for sharing:)

tina said...

I need you to go yardsaleing with me as you got some EXCELLENT buys and you are a good bargainer. I am not much to hubby's chagrin. I love these! I actually like them black too. I do prefer oak but every now and then it is fun to shake it up and have something that stands out like this. They are wonderful.

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

Your so lucky buying those cupboards at a bargain prices! You can make something quite beautiful of them. Light grey sounds good or white? You get the 'Scandinavion look' then. I look forward very much to seeing result!! Keep us posted. Enjoy your day!

Lieve groet, Madelief

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Oooh, I love all of those pieces! How lucky you are to get those... I actually love them black! I never thought I would like black in our home, but when we bought our new home in April of this year, our countertops are black and goldish Italian marble and all of my kitchen appliances are black and stainless steel... I am loving how everything looks with it! Bisous... Julie Marie

Mary said...

What a find - the bargain of the year I believe!

Will they all be in the same area - visible together? Perhaps keep the armoire black but paint the bookshelves. Depends where and what you have planned for them Ulrike. If you're going to display things such as china/books/ornaments on some of the shelves you may want a lighter color - but not a dead white.

Wow ,you were lucky to bring home these nice pieces at that amazing price!

Expat Traveler said...

This is an amazing find and for a steal of a price! And believe it or not something close to what I've been wanting to buy as well. What a steel! I hope we can come across one too, but we will have to borrow a truck or something to get it too!

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