21 August 2012

Wok Planter

Renew, reuse, although not using it for what it was intended! Our neighbor was throwing out this huge wok, and I grabbed it.  I took the base of an old concrete bird bath to set it on. It has seen winters of pansies, and summers of impatiens. It is a little rusty now, but hey isn't that a little in style?


Anke said...

That turned out great Ulrike! What an awesome idea to use the wok as a planter!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! It looks beautiful, Ulrike!

Madelief said...

It looks just lovely Ulrike! Such a good idea!

Madelief x

Mary said...

Great idea repurposing that way. My birdbath top cracked so I bought a big ceramic plant saucer and set inside - works fine!

Did you Penny's recent birtdbath visitor? Oh my goodness, that's a bit scary!

Love, Mary

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