19 August 2012

Rainy Sunday

We finally got a decent shower last night with a few more rumbles of thunder this afternoon.  Not complaining as it makes a good day to do absolutely nothing or a little blog reading.  Hope you are having a great Sunday and a good week to come!

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Mary said...

You are angel to have read back through all those posts and left me such wonderful comments Ulrike. Thank you so very much dear, I do appreciate all the time you took to catch up, and enjoyed reading your thoughts.

Sorry you've had to fork out so much for the roof replacement - the upkeep of homes take a lot of our money, but of course we have no choice when it comes to major repairs which are necessary.

Hang in there - enjoy these late Summer days and we do have Autumn to look forward to now. After this Summer I can hardly wait!

Love from both of us - Mary

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