14 August 2012

Canning & a new roof

This is the first year I have really canned a big amount. I am so happy that I have done this much! Even though my garden did not produce I was able to find deals from homeowners selling their excess, plus a few purchases from farm stands, and freebies from friends. This is what I have done so far:

There are quarts of peaches, tomatoes, vegetable soup, and apples.  Then I did pints of squash, apples, and a pepper peach jelly which is very yummy!  The only bad thing is my jelly did not set up for some reason.  I was real disappointed yet my aunt told me I could use it as a glaze, over cream cheese, and I have even mixed some two parts (runny!) jelly to one part oil and one part apple cider vinegar.  It makes the best salad dressing for a chicken salad!  It's not much yet I will probably do a little bit more when I can get my house back in order.  Canning and putting on a new roof leaves very little time for anything else.
As for the roof it is almost finished!  Three long weeks, a little bit at a time between mainly my step son, hubby, and yes!a little bit me.  My step son is finishing the rest as I am writing this with the last sky light finally in, and after today we should be done. Yea!
The other thing I realize is with all of this "new" light coming in I can really tell where I need to do my major fall cleaning.  Well, it's always something!


Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

You have been so busy! With all those yummy pots you and hubby will definitely get through the winter.

Have a lovely day!

Madelief x

Anke said...

WOW Ulrike, you've been very busy and productive in the kitchen. Hope your roof get's done soon and you can relax a little...

Mary said...

Uum, thought I'd left a comment here but don't see it. When this post popped up last week I showed Bob your canning and we were amazed at all you'd put up, how fabulous!

Now where will you store it all?

Don't mention house cleaning - until it cools off and the heavy late day rains subside, I'm not doing much either - it's been so dark during the days lately, not sunny and and bright - I dislike cleaning on days like that! Another excuse I fear.

Love and hugs - Mary

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