26 May 2010

Roses a bloomin

My roses have started blooming in full force now. Some of them seem a little early, but then I really don't keep a log or anything yet I guess my blog is my log now! Most of my roses are antique roses although I have bought a few hybrids, but the hybrids have to be ones that I just fall in love with as I like non fussy roses!! I don't do anything to my roses except add some compost now and then, no spray unless it is dish soap with hot sauce in it. Since we have honeybees I try to keep everything more natural so we won't poison the honeybees. Quite a few of my roses are still in pots, have been for 5 years! We always thought we would move again, but with the way things are these days...I'm planting like crazy!
Now this is a pretty rose that blooms on and off. I have two as I had bought my mother-in-law one also. I can't remember the name of some of them so if anyone knows please pass the info on!

Prime example of rose in a pot! Hubby had put bricks around so as to keep them warm in the winter. This one is pretty well rooted so I think we will mortar the bricks, cut the pot, and add dirt. Did you notice the little seat to the left? That is a crepe myrtle that hubby had cut down. At the time we had placed a rock with a plant on top, and then it started sending branches up. We prune it every year so the branches give good back support and the rock warms the bottom in the winter!! The rose growing in the pot is called Ispahan, one of my favorites although it only blooms once, but the scent!!! Oh my!

Here is a close up. This year it was totally covered in blooms.

Don't know the name of this one, however, it seems to bloom for most of the summer as looking back on my old house photos I see it blooming.

Gorgeous color on it!

I believe this one is Duchess de Brandt, although not sure.

My favorite! Can you believe this one is in a pot!!! I absolutely adore, love this rose!! The scent is heavenly, it starts blooming in the early spring, and continues until the first deep frost which is usually December here. The name? Pearl D' Ore. Look how huge it is!! I even pruned this one too. Which reminds me I need to get out there and snip some of it off so it will bloom some more although it will keep blooming even if I don't do it.

I have a few more roses to show, but I'll leave them for another day! Now I need to get outside so I can start planting. Hubby said I need to get some things in the dirt before the end of the summer! I have a bad habit of buying then it grows (hubby said he has never seen anything like it!) on the carport till I get around to planting!!! I want to go and buy some more geraniums so I better get busy!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love your roses!!! I only have a couple, and they are antiques because it is too harsh here for hybrids unless they are mulched, wrapped and pampered constantly.
I do not know the name of the first rose but it looks much like one my grandmother had, though I remember hers to be a climber. In fact, the one and only tattoo I have is of that rose, because I never got a start of it and miss it much.
Beautiful garden.....I can smell the perfume in the breeze!


Southern Lady said...

I love your roses. I would love to have some more roses. I am just going to have to add more. Carla

Doris Sturm said...

Ulrike, you have a green thumb - you're a regular Annie Green Things ;-) Lovely roses. I had a friend who did what you do with the dishsoap and nothing else and she always had the best roses. She was so blessed that she could cut a rose, stick it in the ground and that thing would grow into a rosebush - have you ever tried that? I thought it was magic!

I'm glad you're enjoying your garden - it looks lovely!

*Ulrike* said...

Anne, I'll see if I can get one going for you! I am just now trying to do that.
Carla, I love roses, but not the fuss!
Doris, the only two I have done that with is a red one from my grandmother, and I believe New Dawn or the parent thereof, and believe me that one will root anywhere!!

Rosine said...

Dear Ulrike, I am glad that you have found my Blog and visit him with pleasure. Unfortunately, my English has got rusty. From which land you come then. I could not recognise this on your Blog and in English many write. Also write always with a Finn on in English. See you soon Ulrike and the best wishes loves for you
from Rosine

Gartenfee said...

Ulrike, I´m impressed. Your roses are beautiful. Especially the potted one Pearl D´Ore, it´s tremendous! I haven´t heard of this rose before. Is it an antique rose?

Liebe Grüße, Bärbel

comfrey cottages said...

so very beautiful hon! i am wondering if you are going to make any rose honey, elixer or rose oil with any of the blooms? want me make a blog post about them? love and hugs

Rosine said...

Hallo Ulrike, the name of the colour is "lavender" and I also love roses. See you soon


Ces roses sont toutes magnifiques et ton jardin semble être un paradis !
Merci de ton gentil commentaire et à tout bientôt ... avec grand plaisir.

Lebenszeit said...

Dear Ulrike
Such beautiful roses. There are no flower can be seen, but soon it is also so far. Then begins the time of roses. Wonderful!

Rostrose said...

Dearest Ulrike, I can smell the perfume of your wonderful roses till Austria! You told me in your nice comment that you have been outside a lot trying to make things look pretty - and you did a great job! I love your rosegarden!
Big hugs, Traude

comfrey cottages said...

oh gorgeous ulrike:) it has to be soothing just walking around all those mingling rose scents:) gather some flowers and infuse them in a light oil like safflower or something (if you haven't) i swear it is the best thing in the world for centering me if i get feeling out of sorts:) i have cleared out and have devoted the sunniest place in my garden for when i get mine;-) did you say you have a lady bank's rose? i tried to grow one, knew better than to try, such a warmer climate rose. which seems weird as lady bank's daddy brought it to texas to her from scotland! anyway, i found its garden stone i made. if you have one i will just send it you for yours:)

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Oh my goodness, your roses are just divine! It's like the Garden of Eden, so lush and gorgeous. :-)

Have a wonderful Friday!

BELDECOR by Bine said...

Dear Ulrike,
your roses are stunning... in addition to boxwood are roses a MUST HAVE in my garden. The different typs and colors are so amazing, oh I love them... enjoy your beautiful garden and I am looking forward to see your other roses.
Viele liebe Grüße

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

Your roses are looking spectacular! You are much more ahead then we are! So much in bloom. I think I am green with envy again ;-)! It won't be long though before we will have flowers as well. Most of them are full of buds, although one or two are sick and only have one bud :-(. I am impressed by the way you garden on a hill. It must be more difficult. Even more with all those high trees.

Wish you a happy weekend!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Anonymous said...

What a dreamy garden and I can only imagine how wonderful it smells!
Enjoy the weekend!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hello, your roses are just gorgeous. Mine haven't bloomed as much as I thought they would. Have a great holiday weekend and thanks for stopping by, Theresa

NinaH said...

Waooo!! Roses in bloom!!! Already! Lovely! Really envy you!!;-)
I particularly like Parl d´Ore! But they are all so nice!
You must really have a marvelous garden!!
Thank you for your lovely words in my blog! Sorry I haven´t been visiting yours! But now I have a new camera & will be a more active blogger again!;-)Welcome back!

~mel said...

Your roses are gorgeous! I don't know what it is about me and roses; I love them ~ but they don't love me. I have tried and tried to grow them but my green thumb just goes black when it comes to keeping them alive. Thank you for sharing!!

Deb G said...

So beautiful... My roses are taking off too.

Strickfee-Pe said...

Einen Traum von Garten und Rosen zeigst du uns da. Vielen Dank, liebe Ulrike.
Ganz liebe Grüße an dich von Petra

Heidi said...

You have very many beautiful rose blossoms Ulrike! I stopped growing roses as we had too much trouble with bladluis. We do not use any poisons and DH would go out and pick them all off. Then here I decided to plant a Snow White climber which has never done well until this year. Now we are moving and will only enjoy it this one year. I have an Edith Holden rose but it is moving with us. It is named after my favorite artist. I think this rose is so unique in color and love the few blooms it gives. I cannot imagine having one so abundant as that in your last photo. Amazing! Enjoy them all.

Hugs from Holland ~

sharon said...

Hi Ulrike, what lovely pictures of your roses. I can't believe that Perle d'Or is in a pot, it's enormous. Thank you very much for visiting my site, I am sp pleased to discover yours. Good luck with the draw!

Margrit said...

Bei Dir blühen schon die Rosen? Schön, hier wird es noch lange dauern nach dem langen Winter. Sie haben erst ganz kleine Knospen. Im letzten Jahr haben um diese Zeit schon die ersten geblüht.

Viele Grüße

hollyhock garden antiques said...

thank you love the yellow pink rose you have and the pink ones to! i should get more i have a wild rose i brought home from an old farm near hear its pink .

Les Cotrions said...

Your roses are just amazing!!!! You truly have green fingers Ulrike!!! Love them all, but my favourite is the last one! I cannot believe it's in a vase!
Enjoy gardening!

Donna said...

Oh, your roses are spectacular!! I cannot believe some of them are in containers! I tried planting roses for the first time last year - a climber called New Dawn. The trouble is, the roses are all facing the sun, and we are on the shade side, so my next door neighbors are getting a beautiful show! I hope they appreciate it! ... Donna

september cottage said...

Dear Ulrike!!

Thank you for stopping by on my blog...! Loving your roses and was very interested to read, how much luck you have with 'pot-roses' - for some reason, that was something I had not thought of.....I am going to have to plan a new garden next year and would LOVE some white roses cut into standards - so far always thought, well - unless they are in bloom, they re not too exciting for the rest of the year...now if they were in pots....LOVE the idea, you've given me food for though!!! Thank you!

Have a great day!!

Kind regards


p.s. Ah - yes - the technical side of 'new toys; - had to promise to read the whole manual....problem is, I don't like manuals, I mean HOW hard can it be? But will read a bit.... :) and then just get it out when I do more advanced stuff (also find, half the technical info goes in one ear and out the other... one needs to read and do at the same time, at least that will be my excuse...)

Anja said...

So lovely roses Ulrike!
Unfortunately roses doesn't like my place ;(!/Anja

Elizabethd said...

What a lovely rose garden. They are my favourite flowers too, and I tend to put too many in my garden.
One of my favourites is Gertrude Jekyll, very heavily scented.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi Ulrike, just found your lovely blog, glad I did! Your garden is awesome, love love your roses. Mine are about to pop, cannot wait..
Have a happy day, I'll be back soon. xx

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