17 May 2010

I've tried, but spring is in the air

Ok, I've tried to read/post lately, but spring is in the air!

The undergrowth in the back part of the woods is growing strong!! Here are those flowers that I had posted before just popping up everywhere in the back.

Pretty flower, has a bulb, but still no name.

Part of the walk trail we have been working on. There is also a 30+foot tree that fell over out there that we still need to cut up for firewood. It is soooo huge, but it is an old oak tree which will make really good firewood.

See this mess here? I have been working on it too. We have cut down quite a few scraggly trees, and some little pines that I felt were too close to the house.

This is the spot where my garden house aka old shed will be going. I have had to move plants from that opening so hubby could take the tractor to it. Look at that mess!! My poor old bones ache just from looking at it!

This is the view the garden shed will have once in place. I have started planting things on that side, and there is a dahlia bed in there too.

I never took these paper lanterns down last year. They have battery operated lights to them so we used them quite a bit. However, after this past winter they are past their prime. Plus two of them have bird nests in them!!

You can see part of the wood pile hubby has started for his "barn". Actually I call the old one his "doggy house", and my family in Germany got a kick out of that one! Once it's done it will be his new and improved doggy house! This grassy area makes a great place to play badminton or croquet.

Underneath the gazebo about a year ago we added these cement stones from one of those molded forms. It took us about four days doing a row each night, and I placed different leaves on each form, even the small ones. It gives it a different look.

I got out of storage the gazebo set, and scrubbed it down. Has anyone ever tried washing those type cushions? New ones are sooo expensive, and these are still like new. However, I do want to clean them up a bit, and thought of taking them to one of those laundry places. I scrubbed the concrete down too!!

Cute little candle holders that I found for $1 each at Big Lots. Oh, and you can't forget the mosquito repellent. That is a must for around here!!!

So, that is just some outside things that have been done. Inside I have been going to town too! Washing windows, curtains, cleaning cabinets, and there is still more to be done!! Plus I am having a jewelry party soon, and that is a big motivation on my part to get into the spring cleaning mode! Oh! speaking of jewelry party.....I'll be doing a post soon on that! I see a giveaway in this blogs future!!


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Ulrike... your yard and woods look so nice, I wish I lived in the woods! You have been working so hard, but is it sooo worth it! I love that birds have built nests in your lanterns... I hope you can get photos of the babies and post them! I have been non~stop in my gardens as well, but mine are not nearly as large as yours... don't forget to take time to stop a little and smell the roses, not just plant them! xoxo Julie Marie

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I ♥ Big Lots!!! I find so many neat things there, both for the house and for art (nontraditional use of course!).
Your concrete with the leaves is beautiful! And I know what you mean about being to tired to bloghop. When I have felt like it, I've been outside trying to find my flowers in a year's worth of weeds. OY! What a mess.
And do laundry, and make art and dinner and all the other little *haf-tos* of life.
You have a beautiful piece of land!


Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

Each time I am amazed by your garden. It is huge and you have it all, even a forest of your own :-) Lucky you!! The gazebo looks lovely and to have a shed with that view....I would love to have it! Good luck with the jewelry party.

Lieve groet, Madelief

Southern Lady said...

Sounds like you have been very busy. I especially like the stone patio that you made. Did you post on how you did that? I would love to make a similar area. Try not to work so hard! Carla

Doris Sturm said...

What a busy women you are. I'll be doing less blogging too because I get nothing done just sitting here. I think I'll allow myself a certain amount of time and that's it!

I wonder if that white, bulbous flower is a "naked lady" - that's in the Amaryllis family - normally they are pinkish, but I have seen them in lavender and white. Would be curious to find out exactly what it is because they grow here too....I just thought they were lilies of the field, but I'm not sure now...

Roses and Lilacs said...

The leaf designs on your patio stones look great. That was a good idea.

Eager to see you jewelry. I made a couple pieces last year when I actually had some free time.

Donna said...

Well you live on a little piece of heaven on earth!! How I'd love to have a setting like that! Your garden house/shed is going to be LOVELY!!
Re your comment on my Boston and Cambridge post... I read recently about a company located in Cambridge. The man was from London and he picked Cambridge, MA as the locaton for his business because it reminded him so much of home!

I hope you have a WONDERFUL spring and summer in your gorgeous setting!!

Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

Anke said...

Wow Ulrike you have been very, very busy! Your gazebo area looks really nice, I like your cement stones a lot! We're getting ready for our Germany trip, not much longer and we're so excited.

comfrey cottages said...

ulrike i just adore those stone!! i have one of those pottery stone kits and have made plant markers, but not stepping stones yet. how inspiring, both for the plant markers and also others. i would love come chill in your gazebo with you. very inviting! everything looks wonderful and i UNDERSTAND about the work involved:) sending you a virtual backrub. hugs

Dianna said...

Ulrike, you are one hard working lady! You have a beautiful piece of property and you work so hard and make it so pretty and inviting. Love the furniture in the gazebo. Can hardly wait to see your garden house when your hubby gets it moved!

Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous, Ulrike! I know it is a lot of hard work, but what a pleasure it must be when you can actually sit down and enjoy it! :)


Riet said...

Wow that is some yard. It is hugh. Wonderful

Anonymous said...

You have been so busy, Ulrike! What a lovely place you have!


Anke said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I received your package with the honey and lavender today. It smelled soooo good when I opened the box! I really appreciate you sending the honey to me and the lavender was such a nice surprise. Not much longer and I will be able to get those German gardening magazines for you... :-) Have a great day and a great weekend,

Expat Traveler said...

How beautiful, love the last 2 photos!! What a treat. And yep still not blogging much! :)

Northern Shade said...

You have a beautiful setting for your garden, such a lovely property. I really like your path through the woods.

The paving stones under the gazebo are an inspiring idea. the individual leaf imprints make them so distinctive.

Linda said...

It all looks really great. Love those leaves on the stones.

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