03 July 2009


A lot is going on here. My daughter came down with pneumonia again (2nd time in 2-3 months), and she starts a new job on Monday. She has been staying down the hill here with me while she has been home or I would go up to do some things for her such as laundry, etc. while her husband is at work. The bad thing is her air conditioner finally conked out. Since we own it we had to look at replacing it. Man, those things are expensive!!! Hubby has been babying it for a while, but when it happens you realize how much everything has gone up. So, today the guys are there putting in a package unit which consists of both the heat and air. Expensive, yes, but at least when and if we do ever sell we can take it with us.
Since it has been so busy I haven't had too much time except to maybe read a blog now and then in between everything else! I'll leave you with this really cool wind chime that hubby made. It is made from copper tubes, saw blades, and I'm not sure what else, but here's the picture! One day I'll take the camera when the wind is really blowing so you can hear how cool it sounds, but right now it is hot as blazes here with no rain! Oh we need the rain!

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!!


Janet said...

You can have as mcuh of our rain as you want> We were lucky today; it only rained twice and both times it was less than 30 minutes. Yippee, maybe our wet spell is ending.

Mary, Bob and Jasmin are wonderful guests. We had a delightful time!


Kat said...

Beautiful windchime!

Thanks for your sweet comment and visit. I hope your daughter feels better soon. I'm still fighting mine. So weak!


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