26 July 2009

Jaemors for peaches & apples

On the way up to the mountains of North Georgia or the Carolinas a lot of people will stop at Jaemors for peaches in the summer and apples in the fall. Right now it is the Georgia peaches or they also have South Carolina peaches. They are both really good, and they have so many varieties you would not believe it!
Here is my daughter taking some pictures outside of the roses. She forgot her camera so she used her cell phone camera, what a handy gadget!

The apple trees getting ready for fall.

My daughter took this picture with my camera. This is only a small part of the building. It is huge! Not only can you buy peaches and apples, but all kinds of fruit and veggies from local areas. Plus whatever can be pickled or canned you can also buy at Jaemors. I love the Chow Chow.

My daughter and I agreed that this was a nice little break, and we got her out of the house since she is slowly feeling better. Plus we got a nice little bonus....homemade peach ice cream! Yum!!!!

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