07 July 2009

Can you picture it?

She looked out the window anxiously. It would be dark soon, but she knew he would come. His boat would glide up to the steps silently, and she would carefully step in. Soon, soon they would be together.
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I knew as soon as I saw this picture what it would bring to mind. This was taken on the Strasbourg river ride. I'll post more, but this is a favorite. What can I say....France and romance.....sigh.


Kat said...

Perfect spot!


Carolyn said...

I enjoyed my visit here. I love your beach photos.
Thank you for visiting me. To answer your question on Prince Edward Island ,Canada where we garden it is a zone 5b -so much colder then you!

Take care,

Mary said...

Just back from New England - a lovely trip!

Hope your daughter is feeling better - pneumonia is so scary - I had it once and thought my time had come!!!

That is a romantic looking balcony.
Thanks for visiting often - your comments are always so kind.
Hugs - Mary.

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