02 April 2009

Thursday rain

We went back up to the mountains and the hospital again to see my uncle. He is in ICU, still as feisty as ever (especially with the nurses!), yet weak. I say more power to him at 92!!! The drive up was once again a rainy one, but what a difference a week or rather less than a week makes. The trees are putting out the spring green, and dogwoods are starting too. All of this rain has really helped our drought situation. They say more rain is on the way, but we can't complain. One good thing the grass seed we put out is also showing its' spring green. Now let's see if it can survive our hot summers.

Peach tree blossoms against the rainy sky (looks like a honeybee is in the flower!)

1 comment:

Linda said...

Isn't spring great? It's almost always a surprise when things start blooming and everything is so fresh and newly green.

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