07 April 2009

Crystals from the sky

My hubby called from his work van today and told me that there were crystals falling from the sky. What a pretty way to call snowflakes! Of course that would have been nicer in January or February!!! Here in northeast Georgia we really don't see snow in April. Now in the Blue Ridge Mountains, N.C. a couple of hours from here you will.

Tonight we may get into the 20's. The big sheet of plastic covers this huge, and I mean huge azalea bush. I used some sheets to cover up some very pretty roses. One called a Pearl D'Ore which will bloom from early spring to the beginning of December!
The cat looks a little freaked out with sheets everywhere! I also took a tip from my grandmother when they have a freeze up in the mountains. She will take old pots and turn them over onto the plants. I did that with the lilies coming up.
Well, we shall see how cold we get tonight.

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