27 April 2009

Name of a rose

I can't believe I haven't posted in a while, but then again I have had very little computer time. Things have been really busy around here. Today I spent all day planting. When we first moved here I had a lot of my plants in pots. I mean a lot of pots. The reason why is that I had so many plants at the old house plus all of my roses that I just could not leave behind. Originally we were only going to stay here for a short while, but things change. Now I think it is time for my plants to go into the dirt!

By the way does anyone know the name of this rose? My grandmother gave a "piece" to my mom and she gave one to me. The bottom portion has thorns as well as the lower new shoots, grows about 5 feet tall, and has the best rose, and I mean rose fragrance.

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