22 January 2016

I have heard it before

Yes, I have heard it before.  They say when the husband retires he is not sure what to do with himself. 
Well, mine decided that he and the dog were going to take it easy, after all, he worked 30 years with this one job and he decided that he could use a little time off.  This was at the end of October so the holidays kept us quite busy with family coming in plus going to visit family too. 
Now for people that know us they understand we rarely slow down, and certainly not my hubby.  He gets bored if he is not doing something, and fortunately for me he has his barn so he is outside most of the time messing with who knows what so that is ok.  The only thing different for me is now I eat  breakfast, lunch and dinner with him so that schedule has changed. 
During the holidays we went shopping together which was kind of fun, and he would take over the buggy and push, a little weird for me, but hey whatever.  Holidays over, and if I want to go out he has started coming along or asks if I might want to go with him.  Well, ok.  Then it came.   The pushing the buggy part.  We were shopping at Aldi (my favorite store), and I am looking at some things deciding what to buy.  With my decision made, item in hand, I turn back around and buggy and hubby are gone.  Hey!  Back over here!  I need to put these things in the buggy!
Then just the other day we were at another store, and I asked if we needed paper towels as they were 10 for $10.  Um, no, they are 69 cents at Aldis.  Haha!  Now I have a comparison shopper!  Gotta love it!
So yes, there have been a few changes around here, but I must say I do like having him home.  We have been working on a lot of things around here, but that is another post.  One thing I can say which is what I have heard from other wives over the years; if he starts rearranging my canned goods....Houston, we have a problem!


Penny @ The Comforts of Home said...

So nice to see your post! Congrats on the hubbies retirement. Yes, there are adjustments but fun times too! Happy New Year!

*Ulrike* said...

Thanks Penny! One of the nice adjustments is not waking up at 5:30am anymore! Haha!

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