01 January 2016

A Happy New Year to All

The new year has begun once again.  Wow!  So many things happened this past year with so many changes the biggest one being my hubby is now retired as of the end of October!  Now that is quite a change for me too.  So, new year's resolutions are now in place again, and blogging is going to be a big challenge for me as it has been forever.  I am determined to do it!

Since this is the first day it will be the first of blogging, maybe not 365 days worth, but enough to keep us entertained.  To all of you from my house to your....Happy New Year!

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Mary said...

Dear Ulrike - how wonderful to find you here tonight! It's been too long and Bob and I often mention you and wonder how life is going. We were in Germany last year and really had a wonderful time - it's a really beautiful country and I can understand how you miss your homeland, like I miss England.
Huge congrats to Craig on his retirement - I know your 'honey do' list is probably keeping him busier than ever!
Hope to see you back here often.
Happy New Year to you and the family.
Bob and I send hugs.
Love - Mary

Anke said...

Happy New Year Ulrike! Hope it will be a great year for you and your hubby!

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