28 January 2015

A Sunny Break

We had a few more items of my hubby's uncle and aunt that needed to be delivered to them so we took a little break down to Florida.  We left behind a cold, rainy, week to a week of warm sunshine.  Not quite in the 80's, but very close.  The retirement park they live in had a chicken dinner with dancing on Sunday, and I would be showing pics of that yet somehow I managed to mess up that video.  Then another morning we had the "big" breakfast.  Oh. My. Goodness.  I needed to leave the place just so I would not gain any weight!  We have never been there in January before so it was quite a change with the park being so full and very active.  Let me tell you the seniors know how to party!

We made it to what used to be a favorite place for us to go and eat lunch right on the beach.  It was not so good this time, but I will give it another chance as I enjoy sitting on the roof top.

Next was the beach, and who can go wrong with the glorious beach?
However, when I put my feet into it
Brrrrrrrr, yep, it is January! So, the solar heated swimming pool was nice.

It went by way too fast, but we did some things around the house there too like a new ceiling fan for the living room so it can be used during the summer months.  That was a gift to them since they really don't need anything, and had their fill of candies over the holidays!  I always plant flowers for them too as aunt loves them just as much as me.  I also brought a geranium and a fuchsia plant back.  Hey, I need a little color around here till the spring!  I am so ready for spring, are you?


stadtgarten said...

Beautiful! Here in Germany it's freezy cold, no sunshine and I am loning for spring. I love your pictures of the beach!
Have a nice day, Monika

Mary said...

So happy for you being able to head south for a warm winter break! Know your relatives were thrilled to see you and C., and lovely that you did odds and ends to help them.
Yes, that ocean looks cold - but oh so beautiful.

Bob thanks you for the get well wishes dear - he's doing much better and glad that part is over as it was quite an intense dental surgery - hopes to get an implant some months from now if all does as it should! It's an expensive procedure, and of course there's never any way to get a good dental insurance plan, so it depletes the bank account in a big way! Told him he'll have to go back to work, haha!

Hope life is good and you guys are doing OK.
Think of you often - hugs, Mary x

Penny @ The Comforts of Home said...

Yes, I do need some spring! We are heading to Florida the beginning of March for a few days and I can't wait!

Rosine Apfelkern said...

♥♥♥ Rosine

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