08 November 2012

Dance of a Thousand Hands

It will be a month tomorrow since my father has passed away.  Still a very sad time for me.  I have been very busy with things since I am also executor of his will so not a lot of time to do blogging just yet.  However, my brother in law sent this video to me, and it is something you will be fascinated with!  I intended to watch only a little of it, but then I watched all of it.  It is truly, truly beautiful, and if you do take the time you will think so too.

Oh!  One interesting fact....all of the dancers are deaf so they have instructors on the set with them.  Makes it even more amazing!


stadtgarten said...

Dear Ulrike, I am very sorry to hear that your father has passed away and I wish you all the strength you need now!
It is very very sad to loose a loved person, but I am sure that the ones we love will always be with us in a way.
The video is beautiful, I love dit very much.
Liebe Gruesse und alles Gute, Monika

lemonverbenalady said...

I lost my father when I was 7. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Loved the video. Thanks for sharing it. xxoo Nancy

Madelief said...

Dear Ulrike,

Just read your comment. I am so sorry to hear your father passed away. I hope you will have lots of good memories to cherish.

Take care dear friend.

Lots of love and a big hug,

Madelief xox

Rosine said...

Hello Ulrike,
now it is almost as much! Christmas is here!
I wish you a wonderful time in the circle
your family or friends.

I look forward to blogging with you in 2013.

A good time for us!


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