29 January 2012

Scale Humor

The month of January has been very busy for me.  Along with the usual stuff, it was also time for those yearly doctor visits we love so much.....Not!  However, my doctor being female always has a funny up on the door....she can relate! 

Don't we wish it was this easy? Hope this put a smile on your face today!


Mary said...

This is so funny!

Lovely to see you pop up this morning - I've missed you. Bob and I speak of you, lovingly of course, very often!

Hope life is good even though busy, and that all your family are well. Same around here - Bob traveling still for work most weeks lately (in Calif. again this week) but we are preparing for a trip together in a couple of weeks - more islands but warm ones this time!

This Winter has been a lot different from the last one hasn't it Ulrike? I'm wondering if our gardens will do well with no cold spell,well at least not yet, My daffodils are already in bloom, bluebells up several inches, and see many things in bud!

Take care - and do post when you can, I miss you when you're not here dear.

Big hugs - Mary

Anonymous said...

This is so great! Thank you for the morning smile, Ulrike!!!

Madelief said...

It's good to have a doctor with a sense of fun :-). It makes a dreaded visit a bit easier/lighter.

How are you? So good to see one of your posts again!

From a cold and snowy Holland,

Madelief x

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