28 April 2011

A prayer for our blogger friends

Where we live in Georgia we were not as affected by the tornadoes last night as others.  They seemed to go a little north and a little south of us although we were under a warning once.  Yesterday I was very thankful that my family from Germany were able to get on their flight and head back home before all of this happened.
Last night I remembered that a very sweet blogging friend, Anke from http://cox-himmel.blogspot.com/ lives in Alabama where a lot of the devastation occurred. I sent out an email to her, but as of yet have not heard from her. Please say a little prayer for Anke and her family that all is well with them, and of course prayers to all other families and our special blogging friends.
Take Care,


Comfrey Cottages said...

i am sick with worry! I have tried to call her all day long! I mailed a card out in case postal service can reach her before phone lines are up. Just praying Anke, Greg and the girls are okay! Wish I were with you Ulrike, so we could hug each other and wait together for news... xxxxx

stadtgarten said...

I heard about the heavy tornado in the radio this morning - it's horrible. So many people hurt or dead and so much destruction!
Have you had a good time with your family from Germany?
Liebe Gruesse, Monika

Madelief said...

Dear Ulrike,

First I want to thank you for the very sweet mail you sent me! I loved hearing from you again. I haven't been able to send you a proper email yet, but after my holiday I will. I am packing my suitcases now to go to France for a couple of days.

I heard about the tornadoes. What a horrible thing to happen. I hope you will get in contact with your friend Anke soon!! Glad to hear you brought your family to the airport safely!

Lieve groet & happy weekend,

Madelief xox

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

She's on my prayer list; I have a friend in Alabama that I have had no contact with.
It is so sad and there but for the grace of God.....well....it could be me.
So glad you're safe; have been trying to catch up with bloggers all over to see if they are okay.


Expat Traveler said...

Oh no, that's not good at all! Hope someone hears from her!

Mary said...

All who were hurt and lost their possessions have been in my thoughts and prayers. It has been a dangerous though beautiful Spring. Glad your family got home safely - know you had a great time but can now rest a bit and get back to normal.

We leave this Fri. and will be away a couple of weeks. Looking forward to being at home, seeing family and friends, and hopefully enjoying it all in warm sunshine!

Love and hugs - Mary (and Bob).

Anke said...

Ulrike, thank you so much for your care and concern. Thankfully we made it through ok and are now trying to help some of our friends who were not so lucky. The devastation in our area is unimaginable, but working together, we'll get through this.

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