01 March 2011

Rays of Sunshine

Doesn't the color of spring yellow remind you of spring sunshine?
Like the morning rays of sunshine, that's the color of the first spring yellow, and to me it spells happiness that puts a big smile on my face. Gardening season is about ready to begin!


Southern Lady said...

Beautiful! Carla

Dianna said...

Your pictures are so pretty, Ulrike. Our gardening season will be a while yet, but it is definitely getting closer by the day. I heard my first Peepers of the season this evening when I went out to the compost bin.

Ich bins, die Rosine said...

My dear Ulrike, still waits a little bit, then the spring also comes to you!

Anke said...

So, so pretty! I am ready for spring and gardening and I'm keeping my fingers crossed, that we're done with the really cold weather.

Ich bins, die Rosine said...

Dear Ulrike,
it is sometimes so amusing if I give your text in a text Translator what I must read then.
Combined with my rusty knowledge of English us get it, however, there the Promptly translator and me.

Have also you a nice time!

Mary said...

Yes, I'm out there too! Just popped out to take pics in the brilliant sunshine - storm came through last night, torrential rain and some wind - today is green and yellow of course, beautiful!

Hope all is going well there dear friend - we think and speak of you often and hope to see you again sometime/somwhere this year.

Hugs - Mary

Comfrey Cottages said...

I LOVE yellow, Ulrike! Every year I think I should add bulbs to the gardens, and every year something comes up that it doesn't happen! Goal for 2011, put in some daffs, crocus, and snowdrops! :) xx

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