30 July 2010

Flower power

Just thought that I would share this photo with you that my Aunt sent to me. She is out west now around the Grand Tetons area which is absolutely beautiful. I would love to go out there one day.

Is this not a great advertisement? My Aunt loves flowers just as much as I do so she is always looking for flower power photos! Now I need to get back to work as I have one coat on the garden house, and I took yesterday off from everything. This heat here has become hard to work in! Hope all of you have a good weekend!

27 July 2010

Hummingbird visit

I can't believe a week has gone by since my last post! I was doing so good with my posting and reading. The garden house has sheet rock up now, and I went out and bought the paint for it yesterday. I bought the sample size of the accent colors just in case I didn't like them. So this afternoon I will be sanding the sheet rock, its final sanding, and then I'll paint. My last sanding I forgot to put a cap on to cover my hair. Hubby told me I looked pretty good as a white haired old lady!!!!
My little friend visits every day at the little feeder I have by the kitchen window. This little clip is from last year that I thought that I would share today since I can see them outside my garden house window, but no time to film them! This was actually an accident on filming with my old camera. I had been snapping away so fast that I didn't realize I was filming it!

Fast little thing isn't it? I hope next year it will have a whole flower bed filled with all the flowers it loves!!

20 July 2010


I have been working outside all morning in my yard. It's amazing how fast weeds and grass will grow where you don't want them to grow, and we have been so busy with other things that the yard has been put on hold.
So with my tummy growling I came inside to see what I could make. Nothing looked appealing, so I took shrimp out of the freezer for supper. Ohhh...shrimp salad sounds good!

It looked so pretty I had to share! Too bad you can't taste it, because it tastes delicious!! Hmmmm, maybe that will be what I make for supper too. Nothing like wild Georgia shrimp as I finish my last bite while blogging! Now back outside....the jungle is calling!

19 July 2010

My basket overflows

My basket overflows with lavender! I did not think I would be harvesting this much hence the smaller basket!

It smells wonderful.

I have the lavender in my guest bedroom right now as I had to spread it out to dry. I still have some in a huge plastic container from previous years. All you have to do is open it, and the aroma flows out. When my garden house is finished I will be able to put it in there instead of the guest bedroom! (By the way for those of you who are watching the progress....sheet rock is over half way up! I still haven't looked for paint, but as it has been so humid it would not be good painting weather anyway.)
Looking at these photos.......Hmmmm, I guess I better start thinking of ways to use all of this lavender!

16 July 2010

I can see clearly now

Oh, these windows and french doors are soooo dirty! They have been waiting for their new home for quite a few years.

I can see clearly now

The insulation waiting when I took this photo. Now it is up on the walls.

A rear view of the place. We have the vent holes cut in too. The trim still needs to go around the windows and the French doors so either my step son or son-in-law will do that. My step son was the one who installed the windows and doors. We only had 4 windows so we spread them around with the main two over looking the bee hives and what will be a new flower bed.

Here are my French doors! Arent' they pretty?!!!! I'll be heading out to the store to purchase paint as I need to get started on the paint job. I have been so undecided about the color. I really don't want white, nor brown although I have seen some pretty garden houses those colors. I am leaning towards the same color as our house which is sort of a soft pale yellow. The trim is what is throwing me off. Our trim has this deep mustard gold which I love, but I was thinking of something different. I had thought of a French lavender blue, but that may be too much. It might be better used as an accent.

This little one is real excited for his new home! I purchased it at a consignment shop a few months back.

Of course, hubby thought it would look better this way next to a tree!! Men!!

Hopefully by next week I'll be able to show you the paint job although we are suppose to get rain which I won't complain as we do need it. So as the saying goes...better get my rear in gear, and get out there looking at paint!

15 July 2010

Sweet tea & corn

Went to the Farmers Market the other day to pick up a few things since my garden did absolutely nothing this year except for maybe some cucumbers. They say fall planting time is just around the corner so I think I'll have some raised beds made for it.

In the meantime I'll enjoy the glass of sweet tea while shucking corn, in my opinion, nothing tastes better than a tall glass of sweet tea!

11 July 2010

A cuppa blue

Blueberries that is!! I picked these this morning. Our bushes are finally giving a little more, maybe I'll be able to make a blueberry cobbler this year!

Hope you've had a beautiful weekend!

07 July 2010

What we did for our holiday

Have you ever said I need to go back to work just so I can rest? That's the way it was around here! From Friday through Tuesday we were busy at work with the garden house. Come see the progress we have made!

We did part of the rock wall, brought the old patio set up so when we took a break we could sit down. We dug out over a foot and a half of dirt on the left side, and then placed it on the right side to bring it level.

The sun is already creeping up in the sky for another hot day although I must say we had beautiful weather over the weekend waking up in the morning to a 60 degree (15C) temperature.

Blackie checking out the new pad.

The sand being put down and leveled out.

We have had these bricks and rocks for ages. Always thought that when we moved we would make pathways with them. For now they will make a patio and rock wall!

We had all different colors so we mixed it up a bit.

We propped the windows up to see what it will look like.

I have a little path to the side here which we will either use pebbles or boards.

Hubby will be adding the step to the front soon. Being in maintenance he is always measuring things to code. This is the finished left side....(looking from the front)

And here is the right side

I never dreamed that I would have all of this! I was just expecting dirt although I did know that I wanted the rock wall so it would keep dirt from washing down. I wanted that European cottage look! Next will come the windows, French doors, closing up the top along the eaves, and adding the vents. It was a very busy five days, but we did stop to go over to the neighbors for a 4th cookout. Thank goodness for that as I didn't feel like cooking!! Now I better get busy with other outside chores as it is suppose to get extremely hot again!

02 July 2010

Blue and Yellow

I'll be honest, I'm not much of a blue person or pink, but I do have some of it scattered here and there in the house. It is gorgeous and I love to look at it. Outside in the garden is a different story as hydrangeas are one of my favorites, and there are so many pretty pink flowers!! The day I went up to my grandmother's house I took the usual road. However, it has been a while since I have gone up at this time of year. Boy, I never knew what I was missing! I was in a hurry driving up those mountain roads so when I saw this I made a mental note to stop on the way back to take photos. This photo alone is a beautiful sight, and guess what? This place is for sale! Oh to win the lotto!!

A tree lined driveway with beautiful iron gates. (I love taking photos of gates and doors)

The gate has a beautiful design, and check out the rock wall plus the long wooden fence.

Now this is something I had never thought about! I am going to go around and tag all of my yellow daylilies! This looks gorgeous together!!! I do have a blue and yellow quilt in my guest bedroom so why didn't I think of this?!!!!!!

Not only looking at the beauty of this property, and one day I will go back and see if I can check out more of it, but the neighbors have horses!

Is this not pretty? Who knows what is beyond close to the house as this is only at the front gate!!

Someone has to love hydrangeas as much as I do!

Yes, most definitely, I have to find those yellow daylilies! Come to think of it, I'll probably need more hydrangeas too!! A gardeners work is never done.....
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