19 July 2010

My basket overflows

My basket overflows with lavender! I did not think I would be harvesting this much hence the smaller basket!

It smells wonderful.

I have the lavender in my guest bedroom right now as I had to spread it out to dry. I still have some in a huge plastic container from previous years. All you have to do is open it, and the aroma flows out. When my garden house is finished I will be able to put it in there instead of the guest bedroom! (By the way for those of you who are watching the progress....sheet rock is over half way up! I still haven't looked for paint, but as it has been so humid it would not be good painting weather anyway.)
Looking at these photos.......Hmmmm, I guess I better start thinking of ways to use all of this lavender!


Linda said...

I have lavender in my yard but don't do much with it besides put some in a vase on my dining room table. I just love to look at it and smell it and listen to the bees. (PS-best time for lavender in Provence-July and August)

Anonymous said...

I have a small lavender patch in a corner of my garden that I am not going to harvest this year. It is small & I love watching the honey bees at it!!
Have a Wonderful Week!

Roses and Lilacs said...

It is a constant source of disappointment that I can't grow lavender. I've tried several varieties in several places and it always dies out over the winter. Garden shed coming along nicely.

Southern Lady said...

I love the scent of lavender. I am going to have to plant me some next year. Carla

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I have never seen that much lavender short of photos from fields of it growing!!!
Make some homemade soap and include the flowerlets. It will be wonderful....beyond words!
Hanging bundles in linen closets and sweater closets is a good idea too.
Put between matress and springs, it keeps the pieces smelling fresh.
But I would go for the SOAP! :D


Anke said...

That is a lot of lavender! You are so lucky to have so much growing in your garden. We had three plants, but only one survived. Don't really know what happened to the other two... My sister has a huge lavender bush and she gave me a few tips, maybe next year I'll have more luck.

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

Thank you for your warm welcome!! It feels very good. Lucky you to have all that lavender. All the things you can do with it. Your house will smell divine!

I have just scrolled through your photo's of the last three weeks. Your garden house has changed so much!! I am amazed by all the work you have done. It looks simply great!! I am looking forward to see it with it's final lick of paint. You must be very happy! How are your vegetables doing?

Enjoy your day!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Janet said...

Oh I can almost smell it from here. You are a lucky girl to be able to grow and harvest that much!

Mary said...

Lucky you..........looks like you've just been to the Provence market and purchased an armload!! You will have such fun with this lavender Ulrike.......you can always make sachets to use in your drawers and give as very pretty gifts - just about everyone LOVES lavender!!

We are having rain as I write - lovely rain and hopefully a bit cooler this week!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'll have to try growing some one year...I don't believe I have ever smelled fresh lavender. I guess you could make a bunch of sachets for Christmas Stocking stuffers or hostess gifts ... or make soap or scented candles with lavender in them...potpourri is always great for around the house.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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