30 June 2010

Mamma's Got A New Castle

The foundation is finished with everything leveled out. Several trees had been cut down that were in the way. Now the time had come to move the wooden shed which is now being known as my garden house. My father and hubby built it when we first moved here. Remember when we moved the greenhouse down the hill using the tractor and trailer? That was an experience! This time we were playing it a little bit safer!! A wrecker aka tow truck was called in to do the job! We found a guy who said he had moved buildings before so he came by this morning to take a look to make sure it could be done. After all we live on a hillside or as hubby puts it the top of a little mountain. So the guy had an audience with hubby and son-in-law pitching in to help when needed while my daughter and I stood there and watched.

It took a good 20+ minutes to even get it to this angle.

Finally he had it pulled out of the "hole"

And was able to pull it more onto the flat bed

Even this looked scary to me! Many times my daughter and I were "oh my goodness!"

Power/cable lines were not a problem here at all.

Down the hillside he goes

If you notice in this photo hubby has a stick that he would use to push up the cable lines if needed. The driver was so impressed with it! He told hubby you would not believe how many times he had to climb onto the truck with a broom stick to push wires out of the way. I later on saw hubby strapping it on to the truck for the driver to keep!

Come on back

This part wasn't too bad, however, this was the hillside so it was uneven

Backing up to the foundation blocks and concrete. Hubby had put skids underneath the garden house along with rods a long time ago just for this very reason. It helped the guy lock onto it.

Almost there

Right about here it was sitting crooked, made me nervous! although it was all strapped down safe enough.

Getting ready to lower down

Checking out to make sure it would line up

Using a come along to help wench it in place

Son-in-law got an arm work out with it!

Then hubby worked it

Pull that come along!!!

Almost there....

Finally! Sitting in its new home!!

See my French doors leaning against the tree? I'll have windows too, and later on a porch!

We will be putting rocks underneath and on the side of the hill next to it to make a rock wall so the dirt won't keep washing underneath it. Then will come the painting, closing the inside walls in with a paneling which hubby said is cheaper than sheet rock. After that is all done I can decorate it, move my roses around, add more flowers, goodness so much to do!!
As the driver got it all set into place he looked over at me and said, "Mamma's got a new castle"!
I got a big smile on my face, and said yes she does!!

24 June 2010

Grandmother's daylilies

When I was a child no matter where we were in the states (my dad was military) we would always head to the mountains of North Carolina for a vacation break. In the summer what I always remembered most about my grandmother's garden were the daylilies, and the hydrangeas. All of them beautiful. My grandmother loves her daylilies, and back then when she was much younger (she will be turning 93 this year, Lord willing and the creek don't rise! as Minnie Pearl used to say) and could hike up and down the hill she would plant the whole hillside with daylilies! I can remember tourists stopping to take pictures, and yes, some would even ask if they could purchase some. Of course, my granddaddy would always extend the offer of come and sit for a while! Or even throw out an invite for supper! Those were the days, sigh.....these days my grandmother still grows her daylilies. I took a day off this week from all of my chores around the house including working in my garden to go and visit her and my uncle . As I thought about it those things will still be here, but I'm not sure how much time my grandmother will have left. Of course she was so tickled to see me, I'm the first grandchild out of her 9 children with my father being the oldest. After we ate the lunch I brought up, and had visited a spell, we had to go out to her garden which I am so glad that I brought my camera as everything was in bloom!
I just love the color on this one!

The third one down is just so beautiful in person. It is almost a coppery color!

She has her daylilies among all the other flowers some blooming, some not.

Don't you love this yellow with the other next to it?!

It would be so hard to pick a favorite out of all of these. But wait!! There are more!!! She has a lot of miniatures too! I'll show those on another post along with the rest of her garden.
And you thought I loved daylilies!! As we were looking at them she mentioned that she saw some other ones in the catalog that she was wanting to purchase for next year!! You go grandmother!!!!

19 June 2010

A lily a day

It's hard to believe that we are coming up to the middle of June. Around here that means lilies, daylilies that is. My grandmother loves daylilies so she has shared with the rest of the family when they need dividing. Of course some of these I have bought too. I wish they bloomed all summer long, but if the plant is big enough you can get quite a few weeks of blooms from it.
A school friend of mine married one of my cousins, and went to my grandmother to gather some flowers for her bouquet. She gathered lots of flowers including the daylilies, but was disappointed when the next day (her wedding day) the flowers were not blooming. I reminded her that's why they call them daylilies!!
So, here are a few that are blooming right now.

Hope you enjoyed a lily a day!

14 June 2010

I can finally sit down!

By that title you would think, boy, you have been really busy! Well, yes and no. Our air conditioner went out two and a half weeks ago. My daughter's last year, and ours this year. Can you see the gray hair that have sprung up overnight?!!!
Fortunately the weather was not too bad, and I would spend most of my time outside working in the garden (which in my case why bother as the weeds/grass have really taken over). I've been a real trooper though! Weeding, planting, etc.. You would think that with all of that I have been getting enough exercise! I have been trying to whittle the "old" waistline down with a exercise cd. Denise Austin is really great, and I wish she would be back on tv as that really makes you exercise, no excuses!! Anyway, I decided I would hop on my old stair stepper (and I do mean old) for a short time. It went great, or so I thought!! Went to the store shopping with my daughter, bent down and could barely get back up! Oh oh! From there it went downhill!! Just trying to sit, oh boy! that was a joke!! So I headed off to the massage lady who said I had just done too much. My body was ok with gardening, weeding, digging, but it did not like the machine so it protested big time! Sigh, I'm getting old....!!! As she put it she knows that for me to tell myself to take a break would be hard to do so she was telling me to take a break!!!
Do you know how hard it is just to do nothing with all the plants crying for my attention?!!

These are just some of the ones that I had bought. My local place had geraniums three 18 packs for $15! Then I went back and they had marked it down to 3-18pk for $10!! Woohoo! I love geraniums as they last all summer long so I could not turn them down. The only thing is that they only had certain colors which seemed to be the case everywhere I went, and nobody had the wax leaf geraniums. Of course hubby looks at me like where in the world are you going to put all of these?!! Course some of them I'll share, some I'll put into the ground which will be a first for me as we have the red clay dirt here, but hey, if they survive I'll be a happy camper.
At least something will be growing! I don't know if it was our crazy spring or what yet it seems the veggie garden is just not doing too much; except for the weeds/grass. If you want grass in a certain spot just try and grow something!
I have forced myself to rest which has been hard. We were wanting to go to Savannah to get some shrimp, and a little break over the weekend. I decided against it which was probably a good thing. I guess I just needed the rest. It would have been nice to be able to sit on this chair and visit, but that crazy nerve just would not let me. I did a lot of walking around, and had to take this photo to show you this rose bush in the backyard.

Look how it made this beautiful cluster! To me it looks like a bridal bouquet!

This rose came about from my grandmother. She was cutting hers back; throwing the trimmings down the hill so I grabbed one. When I got home I just stuck it in the dirt! Never thought it would grow, but it does with wonderful blooms till fall, and yes it does have a wonderful fragrance!
Now for someone who hasn't been on lately I hope I haven't bored you to death! I've been a little chatter box here!!! Guess I better get busy with something else....like buying some groceries!!
Oh, and by the way we have air!! Got it this past Friday all hooked up and running great! Hubby did a terrific job, and it's a good thing since we are having temps in the high 90's to close to 100!!
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